Error-pants says I Love You

I love David Wright, but this is unacceptable. I am so sick of the Mets refusing to “encourage” players to go on the DL. If David Wright is hurt the best thing to do is take a day off and if he needs more time of on the DL. I appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment to the team but he should go talk to Beltran and ask him how that strategy worked out last year.The sudden propensity for errors at key times in games is disturbing. Every athlete can make an error and I expect David Wright to make more than his share of them. If today’s error is due to injury Wright is hurting his team’s chances to win.

Since when is Armando Benitez clutch this side of the new millennium?

Armando Benitez got out of a bases loaded jam.

Yeah, it feels funny to type it too.

The most unsettling part of today’s game was obviously Bannister going down on the base pads. I watched it a couple of times on and it is impossible to determine how bad the injury is. Bannister is vital with to the already fragile rotation but with the youngster a definite part of the future rotation a trip to the 15 day disabled list is prudent if not necessary for the long-term health of the hurler’s career.
I think it is still too early to bring up Pelfrey no matter what success he has had thus far. I don’t think Heilman should be brought out of the pen to fill the starter’s role. If I had to speculate, my best guess would be that my old nemesis Darren Oliver will get the call if Bannister has to miss time.

I think that Lonestar Met favorite Royce Ring or Heath Bell should be brought up to bolster the pen if and when Beltran, Bannister, and Wright go on the DL.

With the apparent roster moves ahead maybe Jose Valentin will be handed his unconditional release.

Jose, take your .095 average and tell your story walkin.

If the Mets want to exercise reasonable caution keeping Milledge in the minors to tune his skills that is fine by me. I really don’t see why Jeff Keppenger can’t be called up. His .273 average is not exactly burning up the league, but anything is better than Valentin and his big bag of nothing.

So that no one accuses me of not offering solutions, here is my recap.
Wright- a day or two off
Valentin-bus ticket
Keppinger-Call up
Bell or Ring (you choose)- Call up
Diaz-.167 is not exactly Mini Manny-esque but he can fill a roster spot until Beltran is ready
Chavez-pray for health

I think Woody can handle third so Wright’s aches and pains can subside.

This makes the Health of Pedro, Glavine and Trachsel vital to the 06 Mets chances this season. Despite the apparent melt down, Error-pants’ throw has not been reported in most reacaps, the bullpen looks to be one of the strong suits of this club. As long as Professor Rick can piece together a fairly competent rotation and those front line pitchers can get through six the Mets chances still look fairly good. I doubt that the “rotation tweak” may go by the wayside.

Using the past as an indicator of the future Zambrano’s next start should be redeeming, and probably good enough to keep him around another few starts.Ugly win today, but at least we came back from the west coast with 2 series wins.

Nancy, the canine Mets fan would like to give her two cents regarding today’s game:

Nancy, the canine Mets fan would like to give her two cents regarding today’s game: Thanks Nancy.Day off tomorrow for Wright to “heal” and it’s toe to toe with Atlanta. Chipper is healthy and to the looks of it well rested after today’s loss the Brewers. I hope Pedro and co. and knock that smug little look off his face.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 26, 2006

Lonestar Met in the Big City

Well good readers I have made my pilgrimage to the baseball Mecca know as New York City. I have to say that after a 21 year absence from the big Shea it seemed like a new experience.

First off, shame on everyone, especially those who sent me scathing emails regarding my fondness for Shea stadium, who has labeled Shea a dilapidated hole that was not worthy of baseball.

Shea Stadium is a marvelous place. Shea Stadium is not in as bad shape as some would have you believe. The orange seats facing odd directions are not as uncomfortable as some would have you believe, nor is the plumbing in sad shape.

Shea Stadium is a wonderful stadium and although few will admit, will be missed in 2009.

The biggest complaint I have about Shea is that god awful Our Team, Our Time song. It hurts my ears and is obnoxious. I hope the team ditches the song and let an existing song be naturally adopted ala L.A. Woman.

I liked The Teamwork to Make the Dream Work song from 86. But my opinion of sports rap songs is the same as my opinion of Tom Cruise;

It was really cool in 1986 but now a huge embarrassment that no one can relate to.

The Diamond club has two of the greatest things I have ever seen


































And also one of the most puzzling:

If anyone has any idea why this is next to the World Series trophies please feel free to pipe up in the comment section.

There was also a bust of my hero:

Thanks to my better half for the Tickets to Gotham, and thanks to my brother, Mikey, my brother for the passes to the Diamond Club.

The best thing about Shea Stadium is the atmosphere. Not only is everyone knowledgable; everyone is passionate. One of the best baseball experiences in my life was Pedro’s 200th win. The pinacle of the game was Metallica cranking up and Wagner pitching the 9th. Shea is a fantastic place for baseball and I will be visiting again soon.

Thanks for the memories New York, the Big Apple is baseball at its finest.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 22, 2006