Ya Gotta Believe

The Mets have been playing flat, sluggish, down right poor baseball as of late. Mark up the substandard play to complacency from having nothing to play for until October 3rd or an audition for those hoping to make the playoff roster. It could just be one of those slumps that happens from time to time over the course of 162 games.


Swept by the Pirates, split with the fish and lost to the Nationals. None of those teams will be playing after October 1st. No team has three left-handed starters to throw at the Mets in a playoff series. This slump of late may just be one of the ups and downs of a season but the Mets have looked very, very bad.


What ever the reason, it doesn’t matter; it’s over and it’s useless and foolish to dwell on it at this point. By September 26th Willie should know exactly what Ricky Ledee is capable of, that Oliver Perez version .06 is too inconsistent to make a playoff roster and that Mike DeFelice and playoff roster don’t belong in the same sentence.


Omar, grab a seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride with us big guy, no more moves to be made until November.


It’s time to get back to the business of dismantling opponents with extreme prejudice starting tonight in Georgia. Don’t worry about who’s in the other dugout on October 3. There is still work left to do on September 26th. It’s time to get this machine cranked up and running like a top.


Should I be nervous? About what?


Pedro isn’t 100%?


Pedro hasn’t been 100% in 4 years. Pedro has the one thing he has been relying on to win: Guile. I’m pretty sure that’s still 100%.


The offense has looked sluggish?


Most of these guys have been around long enough to know how important the playoffs are. Those that haven’t I’m sure have been told by now. It would be foolish to take men like Carlos Delgado or Cliff Floyd lightly.


Starting pitching has been shoddy?


Omar Minaya built this team to succeed if the starters can give six solid innings. The pen can pick up the slack. All we need is six good innings from the starting four. Heilman, Oliver, Mota, Bradford Feliciano, and Wagner can take care of the rest.


Steve Trachsel sucks?


You have me on that one.


I believe that when the bell rings in October, the Mets will come out swinging. Don’t panic just yet, have faith in our boys. 


I gotta believe that


I gotta…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 26, 2006