The Fat Man, the Old Man and the Foolish Man

Not much going on in Met land including a new contract for Willie Randolph. I have to figure Willie comes back, though it is rather strange nothing has been done yet. But that’s another post for another day. Here’s some quickies from around the league


Robinson Ga-no offerd to change his number from 22 to 24 so that Roger Clemens can come back and wear it. How cute, like Gift of the Magi; maybe Gift for the Fat Guy. I think the career endings of marquee pitchers becomes a trend in the Bronx. First Carl Pavano and Randy Johnson, then Clemens and Pettitte will follow. Brian Cashman’s new pitch to free agents next off-season:

“Come to the Yankees, where pitcher’s career’s go to die”It’s official: Cliffy is a Cub

It’s official:

The Chicago Cubs today announced that the club has agreed to terms with outfielder and first baseman Cliff Floyd on a one-year deal with a mutual option for the 2008 season.

First baseman huh? Alright. I hope Cliff comes back and has a great year for Chicago. I wish the Mets could have found a way to keep him on the roster. Best of luck Cliffy!

Jimmy Rollins is running his overrated mouth:

“I think we’re the team to beat in the NL East — finally,” Rollins said during the Phillies’ Winter Tour on Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park. “But that’s all on paper. You have to go out and do it on the field.”

I think this can only be a good thing. First off, I remember last season’s series against the Phils when the Mets put the Phillies NL East hopes six feet under led by Captain Red Ass himself. I doubt any public grandstand will intimidate the Mets. Secondly, I would love to see more of a rivalry between the Mets and Phils. They have always been up when the Mets were down and vice versa.

Bring it on Fellas!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 24, 2007

AFC NFC Championship Beatings

This weekend is AFC and NFC championship weekend and I have to admit I am rooting for the Colts to meet the Saints on Super Bowl Sunday.

This is the last weekend that the games are watched by football fans before they are discussed on every morning show from the View to Fox and Friends. Every conversation I have with anyone familiar with my likes and dislikes, the Super Bowl discussion will be default. I will actually miss the weather talk. Before that beating begins though, there will be two game to enjoy.

Honestly, I have come to the point of a one sport man. I still watch football, but come on, it’s not the Mets. I have to pick two teams I would normally disdain. I am rooting for the Saints but not for the ridiculous “New Orleans Rebirth” garbage. I do have some equally nonsensical picks but at least they for original and, at the very least somewhat logical reasons- here we go:

Sean Payton looks like he could be David Wright’s older brother or father. Take a good look:

Told ya

Reggie Bush needs to be in the Super Bowl. I have watched a handful of Saints games this season and Reggie Bush is the kind of football player that can change a game with his physical gifts. Remind you of any one?

On the Colts side, I think that whiney piece of S*@t Manning family should all commit a ritual suicide. That whole family is a giant bad of nothing. As an ex-Giants fan, I want Kerry Collins back. I would probably still be a fan.

Bottom line, at least we know the Cowboys aren’t in the Super Bowl.

As far as the ‘greatness of Tom Brady, I am a little sick of his bag as well. I don’t care who he’s dating.

Tap the break on that Giselle chick, would ya? Sure she is pretty but Honestly not really blow your socks off kind of hot. Brady will cut her loose as soon as he gets tired of banging her an moves on to the next over rated piece of ass.

Remember, no matter what she says or how good she looks, some guy, somewhere is tired of her shit.

– Mens room of Bash Riprocks, Lubbock, Texas

Enjoy the games tomorrow folks, in a few weeks this will all be over and Baseball will be back in full swing.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 20, 2007

Did you hear about the reunion tour?

I moved to Texas in 1986 so I watched the Mets win the World Series all the way from Texas. I was 8 and didn’t get to go to many Mets games by that point in my short life. The Texas Rangers were a somewhat decent substitute since fans were allowed access to the team that would be unprecedented in New York City. In March the Rangers held what was called “The Winter Carnival,” much like the Mets “Winter Caravan” which was held at the Old Rangers Stadium, now a parking lot. Fans were let into the dugout, clubhouse, Press box and owner’s box. My Dad even took my picture taken in trainer Bill Zeigler’s (no relation) leather chair in front of his locker inside the clubhouse.
Ranger players were made accessable for free autograph sessions and the team brought in other stars to sign for a fee. I met Tom Seaver one year, but that’s another story. My heroes played 1,384 miles away and never came to town; the Rangers were the next best thing.

I spent nights, birthdays, trips with friends in that old crumby stadium (anyone who complains about Shea likely has a short memory or never took in a Ranger home game between 1972 and 1993) watching a team that wasn’t half bad. Correction, a team that wasn’t as bad as it was for the past decade or so.

I cheered those players as my second favorite team. A wise man once wrote:

Choose A Second Team With Care. Stay out of the National League. Calculate the Interleague odds of clashing. And when we do come face to face with your No. 2, always look out for No. 1.

I hadn’t met him or read his work yet, hell blogs weren’t even thought of yet, but something’s you just don’t have to be told.

The Mets were always number one in my heart.

I find myself thinking back from time to time when I sit in the newly monikered Ameriquest Field in Arlington.

Hey, make fun of it if you want, just remember what you said when eating a “Citi-Dog” and washing it down with some Citi-suds sometime around May 2009.

I think back to those days of cheering my number two team to what usually ended up being a loss and not a whiff of the pennant chase. But it was baseball. I think back not only to the stadium there, but the men that took the field in the home whites. The Man who led that team, would pop up later in my life around the Millennium. Players like Gary Ward, Scott Fletcher, Juan Guzman, Gino Petralli, Larry Parrish and Toby Harrah.

For bonus points, besides Steve Buechele- likely a fan favorite due to the BOOOOSHELL chant that accompanied his every at bat, can anybody name me the two biggest stars of that Ranger era from 1986 to 1986?

I’ll give you a hint, one’s a Met and the other may be on the 2007 Mets.

Yes it’s hard to believe that Julio Franco AND Ruben Sierra will likely be playing together in Port St. Lucie in little over a month.

(I realize that was a darn long way to go for a somewhat small payoff but, hey it’s December, what else am I going to do, talk NFL playoffs? Please.)

Tom Hicks likely didn’t want to foot the bill for an old timer’s day, as he is currently bringing in a team cancer, so our dear Omar Minaya figures he step up and honor those great Ranger teams.

That’s all Omar could be doing. Why would you bring in Sierra to go with the already ancient Julio Franco? The Mets have veteran leadership in spades as it is.

Why are the Mets intentionally getting older? El Duque, Ruben Sierra, Julio Franco and Moises Alou and Tom Glavine; what do those four have in common? I was all on board for Glavine and El Duque- with the state and cost of pitching today they were wise choices. I begrudgingly accepted the Alou deal. I didn’t want to see Cliffy go but I forced myself to accept the logical conclusion that I’m sure forced Omar’s hand. Sure Alou would likely protect David Wright against left handed pitching; something Wright struggle mightily with in the second half of 2006. I checked his splits if you were thinking, “Sierra’s probably coming in to help against left-handed pitchers.” If you believe that, you have much more faith than I do.

Does it seem that Anderson Hernandez, who is currently lighting up winter ball should be given a spot to lose. I think A-Hern is this year’s Jeff Keppinger.

The only logical conclusion I can come to is Omar is nostalgic for the late 80’s/early 90’s Ranger greats of old. I can’t wait. Maybe Geno Petralli, the man who was a mediocre hitter at best, but that would tee off on Roger Clemens, will be brought back for the Astros or Yankee series. Scott Fletcher would compliment Jose Valentin nicely at second. Gary Ward could surely provide Carlos Beltran much needed days off.

NOTE TO READERS: I am being facetious

But look at it this way, doesn’t if feel good to complain about the 2007 Mets rather than mourn the 2006 Mets? I can’t wait for April.

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 17, 2007

Mets Sign Sosa

Remember that episode of Growing Pains where Mike Seaver wrote the answers to the test on his shoe but in doing so learned the history information he was tasked to read and made an A on his own only to get caught by Mr. Dewitt and accused of cheating. Mike was given the benefit of the doubt and pardoned of his offense.

Apparently Ranger owner Tom Hicks and Ranger GM Jon Daniels are fans of Growing Pains. Sammy Sosa is my fair burg to discuss playing for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are apparently so desperate for a right-handed bat they are willing to take a flyer on the occasionally English speaking Sammy Sosa. Much like Mike Seaver, if Sosa hits 30-40 homeruns he will be forgiven, if not his fate is sealed. I wouldn’t expect even the slightest debate on his Hall of Fame credentials. Sammy Sosa, much like Kirk Cameron, TV’s Mike Seaver will be reduced to straight to video Christian movies with Willie Aames. But Charles in Charge is a different story all together.

As a denizen of Arlington, I would hate to see that cheating SOB in Ranger garb. I hate his dumb gestures, public grandstanding and Cubs association. I just thank God he isn’t in Queens talking to Minaya.

As a side note, is that Ben Seaver on the McDonalds commercial?

Anybody else think Carol Seaver was kinda hot? Sorta in a Dana Plato type of way.


Aside from my extensive knowledge of 80’s sitcoms, I do occasionally watch other sports, though none with the enthusiasm of my baseball patronage mind you, but I am cognizant of the existence of other sports. What’s the deal with Shawn Merriman? This guy gets popped for steroids and the national media treats his suspension like a 4 week hamstring pull. How was this guy up for the Defensive Player of the Year? Where is the cheater stigma that now will forever be attached to Mota, Palmero, Sosa, and Barry Bonds? Why isn’t this man hated?

Speaking of Shawn Merriman, this is very funny.

So in Mets news Sosa is a Met. Not Sammy, but Jorge along with southpaw pitcher Scott Schoeneweis. Noting to get neither too excited over nor too angry. Omar has been playing scrap heap lottery every year with pretty good results. One of these guys could pitch well enough to up their trade value and be this years Jorge Julio.

That’s all for now, be back soon!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 16, 2007