Is it too late to change the ticket sales ads?

Hey Met fans, make sure you get your seats early this year! You don’t want to miss one inning of 2007 Mets baseball. Come out and see the stars of the defending NL East Champion Mets. Stars like Jose Reyes…David Wright…Carlos Beltran…Billy Wagner…Carlos Delgado…Paul LoDuca…Chan Ho Park…Hello?

Well the Pedro Martinez signing it’s not but by no doubt now Mets faithful have gotten word. Chan Ho Park is the newest New York Met.

I once heard an interview on Dallas/Fort Worth’s 1310 AM The Ticket. Bob Sterm and Dan McDowell had right-handed pitcher Chris Young formerly of the Texas Rangers, now with the San Diego Padres during last season. When asked about his feelings about being reunited with former teammate Chan Ho Park, Young recalled a story about former Ranger and at the time San Diego Padre Chan Ho Park:

(My apologies for paraphrasing the story, I never thought I would have to recall it for Lonestar Mets content.)

Chan Ho Park had started a game and was having a decent outing. He struggled somewhere around the fifth or sixth inning and got into a bases loaded jam with two outs at the Ballpark in Arlington. Chan Ho got ahead in the count with a strike 0-1. As he got the ball from the catcher he glanced up on the scoreboard and happened to notice the scoreboard read “95.” This surprised Park as he was not a fire-baller and rarely if ever hit the mid nineties. Park’s second pitch was again a strike; when Chan Ho looked up; the scoreboard read “96.” Park’s third pitch was again a strike ending the at bat; as he left the field he glanced over his shoulder as the scoreboard read “97.” Chan Ho entered the Ranger dugout with a proud strut about him, expecting to be showered with praise from then manager Buck Showalter and Pitching Coach Orel Hershieser.

Instead all Chan Ho got from Buck was his jacket handed to him and a light pat on the back. “Good job today” said Buck, “Way to work through a jam.” Park was shocked that his manager would not mention the sudden spike in velocity much less remove him from the game. Park objected with referencing his last three pitches were in the mid nineties. Chan’s protest drew puzzled looks from teammates thinking Chan must have been suffering heat stroke from the Arlington sun. “95, 96, 97!” Park insisted. A teammate solved the mystery, “He’s lookin’ at his pitch count.”

Young concluded, “You just have to know Chan Ho; he’s a strange guy…”

Looks like Mets fans may indeed have their chance to get to know Chan Ho Park.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on February 9, 2007


There is a new commercial for a Japanese beer called Asahi, in which Daiskue Matsuzaka Puts on a number 18 Redsox Jersey, throws in what looks like a batting cage, Chugs a beer then pitches in his sox uni in front of a CGI Fenway crowd:

See the Commercial Here In related, news David Wells has filed a grievance as he had toyed with the idea of making a similar commercial for an American Beer in which he downed several beers then pitched in a game, however, the league would not sign off on the ad.Oddly the commercial was to be taken entirely from MLB Game footage…

Thank you, thank you very much…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on February 7, 2007


So football season is finally over, leaving the average man with nothing to do but feign interest in the NBA until that wondrous occasion that is Opening Day. This year seems even more tedious as, save for maybe the Moises Alou signing, the hot stove hasn’t yielded any yummy big name free agent goodness that Mets fans have been treated to in recent off seasons.


Too are the speculations a thing of the past for the starting 8 positions for the Mets this offseason as Jose Valentin is almost certainly the everyday second baseman and honestly, who could get excited about Damion Easley? The bench may be up in the air but that is about as exciting as watching paint dry in contrast to last years acquisitions of Paulie LoDuca, Billy Wagner and Carlos Delgado.


So what’s a blogger boy to do?


Well, I bought my dog a bright orange collar, though she isn’t wearing it yet; it’s an Opening Day present.


I purchased all of the Kevin Smith View “Askew-universe” movies to fill out my collection. That guy is a pure genius. I haven’t made myself rent Jersey Girl yet but if I were to judge a film by its trailer, I would have to say too thumbs down. And I’m even a fan of Mallrats. (I kind of have a Shannen Doherty thing)


I watched Hollywoodland last night and boy am I disappointed. The only redeeming aspect of that movie was Adrian Brody’s performance. I’ve never been a fan of the guy and would have never guessed he had the range to play a street wise, private detective but the man pulled it off. I’m not sure how I felt about Diane Lane’s performance, average I guess, but set that women in 50’s style fashion and it is a sight to see. Otherwise pass!

Unknown is another feature film that leaves much to be desired. Throw Caveasel, Kinnear, Sisto, Barry Pepper and Joey Pants in any film and I’m going to:

  1. Rent it
  2. Expect the next Suicide Kings. 

Well Suicide Kings it was not. The box compares the movie to Usual Suspects. Not even close. Barry Pepper still rocks. So does Joey Pants. 


And does anybody know when MLB 07: The Show will debut with coverboy David Wright? Furthermore is it available for PS2 or are they going to just update the 06 version and sell it to those of us who didn’t have enough vacation time to wait 3 days in a line or the 600 bones to fork over for the PS3 console. I hate that about video games. Sony Sucks!


Word on the street is that Sony had a price cut over seas and with the Nintendo Wii being moderately priced, well moderately priced when on the shelf next to the PS3, Sony should drop the price here in the states.


That’s about how I have been filling my non working hours that take up this void in my life left by baseball’s departure. According to the Mets site pitchers and catchers report in less than 10 days.


I found some great non-Mets sites, check out:


X-Entertainment: some great satire and analysis of obscure 80’s products, film, TV, commercials, and junk food. Read this, it made my cry laughing. Matt is apparently a New Yorker though I haven’t found any Mets references yet.


Tony in Kansas City is a great read. Some of his stuff covers local issues, but some pretty daring writing.

 A new Mets site has popped up called Mets Heads. Check those fellas out.


I’ll be around from time to time, killing the hours with posts until I can have my Mets fix back!



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This post was written by Dan in Texas on February 6, 2007