Baseball Review 2007 PS3 Style

The Baseball Game market this year is a little thin for the Playstation 3. Apparently, MLB The Show 2007 featuring David Wright on the cover was scheduled to be released April 4 has now been pushed back to May 15. SCEA has issued no official reason to explain the delay. Speculation abounds from gaming review sites to message boards that problems with developments have postponed the release. I personally feel that this is a good thing for loyalists to the franchise as the game will utilize the PS3’s superior gaming capabilities, though casual fans may stray to a game released during the season.

I did however purchase MLB 2K7 featuring Yankee douche Derek Jeter on the cover. I have not been happy with this title’s game play. Here is Lonestar Mets review of Major League Baseball MLB

The Bad:

The worst thing about this game is the batting feature. 2K Sports chose to utilize the SAXXIS control feature which dictates the game in response to the actual movement of the controller. What this means is hitting is accomplished by literally thrusting the controller forward to make your batter swing at a pitch. This feature makes hitting spotty at first and batters tend to strike out missing badly by swinging too late. Once the gamer becomes more accustomed to hitting, the results are somewhat realistic. However, this guarantees at least 27 at bats shifting your controller forward like a moron, and thus confusing your dog. 2K should have utilized the SAXXIS controller solely to control sliding and home plate collisions. Once your arms are tired you can switch to the classic mode of swinging by pressing the X button, but since Sony likely didn’t spend enough time test marketing this feature, classic mode produces 10-15 homerun games. Also, before each game, you are given a certain amount of points to spend on scouting reports, usually enough to buy 4 players, as if the real life Mets can’t afford to scout opponents.

Example: The Mets vs. Cardinals (CPU) with SAXXIS hitting: Mets 9 Cardinals 8

The Mets vs. Astros (CPU) with Classic hitting: Mets 27 Astros 3

The Good:

The best feature of this game is the pitching style. The view is from behind the pitchers mound and slightly to the left. The catcher will call for a pitch location and type. The gamer then has to locate where the pitch will break, thus making pitching less of a science compared to past year’s titles. Pitching is a challenge, especially so in late innings of tight games. During the final two, if for any reason the tying run gets on, the pitching target starts to slightly shake, if the tying run reaches scoring position, you can hardly aim at all. This is where the good goes bad. A mound visit may or may not cool down the pitcher. So if baseball were to imitate this game, should a runner reach third in a one run regular season ballgame, Billy Wagner would be carted off the field in a straight jacket after suffering a nervous break down. (INSERT TOASTY JOE JOKE HERE). Base running is simplified so you don’t end up with three men on third base anymore.

The Mets:

Mike Pelfrey is on the roster as is Phil Humber and Lastings Milledge. The presence of Pedro Martinez makes it difficult to set the Mets roster. Shea Stadium looks lifelike on the field though the fan scenes in near the concessions are nothing like Shea. The crowd is in the game; however there is one minor detail that will likely drive any Mets fan nuts: the cheer. When Reyes performs well a pro-Reyes cheer breaks out. It’s not the familiar Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose…JJOOOSSEEEEEE, JOOOOSEEEEE! Rather the generic, “REEEYYYEEESSS, REEEYYYEEESS,REEEYYYYYESSS” much like the Daryl chant from years past. I was able to unlock the 1986 Mets team, though no names of the actual players were different and so were the appearances (i.e. the starting catcher looked nothing like Gary Carter). On the 1969 Mets, Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver were there, but no other were real names.

Final analysis:

Like in most cases, don’t trust anything that bears the image of Derek Jeter. Pass on this game and wait for MLB The Show 07.

In case you, like me are a Playstation 3 nut and have been trying to find a resource that lists PS3 title releases by date, here is the latest updated version (03/28/07):

4/3/07 Enchanted Arms

04/24/07 Fear

04/27/07 Spiderman 3

05/07/07 Lair

05/15/07 MLB 07: The Show

05/15/07 Pirates of the Caribbean 3

05/22/07 Rainbow Six: Vegas

05/22/07 Surf’s Up

06/01/07 Darkness, The

06/01/07 Rogue Warrior

06/01/07 Bigs, The

06/05/07 Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter 2

06/08/07 Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer

06/12/07 Transformers

06/19/07 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

06/26/07 Ninja Gaiden Sigma

07/04/07 Saints Row

07/10/07 NCAA Football 2008

07/13/07 Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

07/23/07 NASCAR 2008

08/01/07 Warhawk

08/01/07 Heavenly Sword

08/01/07 Stranglehold

08/14/07 Bladestorm: Hundred Years War

08/14/07 All Pro Football 2K8

08/28/07 Medal of Honor Airborne

08/28/07 Madden NFL 2008

08/28/07 Stuntman: Ignition

09/03/07 Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

09/03/07 Hellboy

09/03/07 Blacksite: Area 51

09/03/07 Frontlines: Fuel of War

09/04/07 Dark Sector

09/11/07 Burnout 5

09/11/07 NHL 2008

09/17/07 Turok

09/24/07 Half-Life 2

09/25/07 Assassin’s Creed

09/25/07 FIFA Soccer 2008

10/01/07 SingStar

10/01/07 Monster Maddness

10/01/07 Timeshift

10/01/07 Two Worlds: The Temptation

10/09/07 Fatal Inertia

10/16/07 Grand Theft Auto IV

11/01/07 Army of Two

11/01/07 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

11/01/07 Skate

11/01/07 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Bolded games are baseball games and italicized games are must own.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 28, 2007