Opportunity Knocks, No One is There

Step 1. Create a dictionary that shows video clips instead of definitions
Step 2. Recognize “undermanagement” as a verb in the English language
Step 3. Recognize “Franconianblindness” as a noun in the English Language
Step 4. Put last night’s Mets Nats sixth and eighth inning footage under the definition of undermanagement and Franconianblindness

Until then:

Undermanagement (verb) from Latin Willious Randolpheous– 1.Not pinch hitting for your pitcher in the sixth inning with two men on and one out down 3-2 in the sixth inning 2. Not bunting a slow runner over from second down 4-3 with no outs in the eighth 3. Not pinch running for a slow, older, somewhat defensively challenged left fielder when you have a perfectly good defensive replacement, with blazing speed, sitting on his duff in the dugout. 4. Not messing up your lineup card and just assume the one, two and three hitters will be able to pick up at least one against the closer so they all try and tie the game with one swing.

Franconiablindness (noun) from Latin whatareyouthinkingious 1. Insisting on using your 48 year old journeyman with an obsessive compulsive tendency to fly out to the left side of the outfield or ground out right to the second baseman during key pinch hit opportunities of close games.

Honestly, that game was winnable. Is Willie saving the bullpen for something? I think the bullpen has been pretty reliable this year… Yeah, I’m sure I read that somewhere. Maybe the mindset was to get Perez some confidence at coming back after getting roughed up early, fine. But to be lifted in the sixth for a pinch hitter in a crucial situation after righting the ship won’t shake anyone’s confidence. And with Alou, a slow runner on, I don’t know, maybe this is the National League where we manufacture runs, not the 1996 Yankees.

Look, it’s a frustrating loss and I can’t quantify the value Willie has added to the mindset and attitude of this club. I don’t mean to bag on Willie but sometimes I swear it seems sometimes he leaves his brain in the clubhouse. Sometimes it seems that Willie is keeping a starter in a game where they won’t see another at bat. Last time I checked, Endy Chavez was a pretty good pinch hitter or base runner and defensive outfielder.

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday and the Mets, even in the bad years, usually do something to make me smile.

Lonestar Met’s favorite Mets birthday memory: April, 28th 1999. Mike Piazza beats Trevor Hoffman on a homerun after Hoffman had converted over fifty straight save opportunities.

Mike to Lonestar: Happy 21 kid, have a beer to celebrate!

Here’s to hoping Tommy throws a gem and Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 28, 2007

Well I guess that counts as a series win, right?

Sorry for the late post. I watched this game archived on MLB TV and in somewhere the fifth inning, it just cut out. I finally got it to work again (after accidentally seeing the final score) and by the end of the game, I was too tired and cranky to write at 4:00 AM.

I mean I wasn’t Charlie Manuel cranky or anything, but still, you get the idea.

What I took from last nights game is how elite Jose Reyes is in the field. The play into the hole with an on target throw was highlight reel worthy for a man with and extensive highlight reel. His impromptu turn of two was the kind of play that leaves you puzzled, thinking “how’d he do that?” while waiting for a replay to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Jose Reyes is that good, and he’s getting better.

Troublesome to see Paulie Ballgame in so much pain, this early, you would like to see him come off the field right away to err on the side of caution, but Paulie’s a gamer. Nobody tells Paulie to come out. I heard that Paulie once punched a folk singer. That’s right, you heard me. Preliminary reports indicate that it’s just a bruise, but we’ll see. Look for Castro in tonight’s lineup. Willie really needs to give Endy the start and let him hit in the number 2 hole. Reyes, Chavez, Beltran spells trouble for any pitching staff.

Anyway, its down to Florida for non freezing temperatures and the D-Train. Those of you who are MLB TV subscribers from last year dread the trip to Florida, as the game will be shown by the Marlins broadcast, so for the next three days, every pitching change brings:

If you need a car

Truck or van

Who you gonna call


Good lord, thank god it’s only a two game series!


Let’s go Mets!


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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 18, 2007

Looks like Someone Took the Slow Train from Philly

So what if Jimmy Rollins put up to homeruns of Tommy boy, I bet that he’ll be making any pronouncements in the near future-oops, maybe not! With the Braves loss the Mets move one game behind the Atlanta in the National League East. The Mets will be at home for three more games against the Nationals before heading to Philly for a two game series (I don’t think I am ever getting used to these 2 and 4 game series, it’s just not natural.)

Lastings Milledge likely made his last major league appearance for some time. Over eagerness to impress let to Lastings jumping at the initial offering in an effort to put off his demotion. To be fair, Lastings has earned a chance at major league playing time and as a fan, I would rather see Lastings get the start over Shawn Green, though I suspect the decision to give Green the stating position may have come from above Willie’s head. Omar is likely trying to up Green’s trade value in order to deal for a solid arm further into the season. If that is the case, so be it. I am, however, overanxious to see Lastings man Shea’s rightfield everyday.

In the recent edition of Sports Illustrated, Jon Heyman reports that reports that the Twins tried a last ditch effort to extend Johan Santana by offering a two year extension at $18 million for each season. Johan declined and has informed the team that he won’t negotiate until he hits the open market at the end of next season. I don’t mean to start the Johan-mania already, but how great would it be to have him in Queens. I can’t imagine what Santana will fetch on the open market but, whatever it is, he’s worth it.

I’m a Nappy-headed Ho!

Good lord, how stupid is this? Can’t we as a society find something of more substance to worry about than a remark from a radio personality? What is really funny is this story in which a radio DJ Gary Smith encouraged callers to repeat the phrase that pays: “I’m a nappy-headed ho!” in order to win tickets to a local event. That is too funny, not the saying itself but the use of it as the phrase that pays and the fact that the DJ got fired for it. When I first heard that I laughed out loud, then I cried, mostly because I was only the fifth caller. I haven’t seen this much over reaction since Spider told Tommy to go fuck himself in Goodfellas. Let it go folks!

Finally, Lonestar Met’s phrase that pays is “David Wright is a cracker headed pimp!”

What are you gonna do about it?

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 13, 2007

Mets 11 Phils 5

Due to the need for gainful employment, I missed today’s home opener. I kept track of the game via MLB.com but was unable to get video or audio, so I wont waste your time with a recap of a game I didn’t watch. But needless to say, the self proclaimed team to beat in the NL East is now 1-5. And their self appointed loud mouth spokesman contributed to today’s win with a timely error. Suck it Rollins.

The Mets offense is really in need of someone to step up and hit with runners in scoring position because the Mets are going to need to spend some time and effort figuring out the bullpen. Yesterday’s loss to Atlanta was unnecessary. Way too many runners were stranded. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in Heilman this season, especially now that his elbow is sore and Filthy Sanchez won’t be ready for some time. With all the arms the Mets acquired, I have to believe that someone emerges as an eight inning guy, so Aaron can:


A. stop pitching so muchB. Pitch the seventh 


As far as Valentin hitting in the two hole, I hope that experiment is never attempted again. If Paulie Ballgame needs a day off, I think Willie should immediately flip a coin whether Alou or Green gets a night off and let Endy hit in the two spot. Reyes and Endy are a great one two punch, and can really set the table for Beltran, Delgado, and Wright. I would also hope to see a lead off triple, then Chavez immediately drag bunting with Reyes coming hard down the line. I can remember one suicide squeeze last season, but Randolph really needs to focus more on manufacturing runs. There was no reason the Mets should have lost on Sunday.This may be general knowledge to others but apparently ESPN Radio, specifically Collin Cowherd urged his listeners to visit the Big Lead, thus intentionally knocking them out of service. The most shocking thing about the story is that more than 15 people listen to ESPN radio. Every time I have the misfortune being away from my computer and I am forced to listen to that channel for a Mets score, my head hurts and I become apathetic. I live in the DFW area and the metroplex is lucky enough to have Sports Radio 1310 AM the Ticket. Jim Rome is a beating. 

Apparently, Cowherd can’t come up with enough radio topics on his own without ripping off material written on said websites. Now they are resorting to Denial of Service attacks to entertain their audiences. Last season a prominent writer was exposed blatantly ripping off Dave Murray’s original work.

I find it amusing that the print and radio media think of blogs as sports Myspace accounts, and that can’t possibly compete with Newspapers and Radio as a form of providing news, opinion and entertainment about sports. Of course a lot of them have their own blogs, but dismiss other writers simply because the author doesn’t have a radio job or a job as a beat writer. ESPN itself is extremely out of control. From bullying their own talent to viciously attacking other sources that dare challenge the mighty network by thinking about sports. Then make some sort of quick apology likely written by their legal department and never once really apologize for passing off others work as their own.

Personally, I don’t watch ESPN the network, read ESPN the mag or listen with any regularity to ESPN radio. I was forced to endure ESPN’s coverage of the homerun Derby last year. Berman’s tired bit of “back, back, back, back” over and over makes me hope they don’t ever hold the contest again. I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing Stuart Scott’s lazy eye or is ass whip analysis. MLB TV can provide me with all the coverage I need. I would really hope the Baseball channel can provide an alternate network with shows to rival Baseball Tonight for those of us tired of Cold Pizza and John Kruk or John Kruk eating cold pizza. Next thing you know, Joe Morgan will be ripping off Flashback Fridays.

Anyway, go check out the Big Lead as they are now back online and if you are into College Football, make sure to visit the M Zone. Way to go fellas, I hope you get a wheelbarrow full of ESPN/Disney cash and don’t let the bastards get you down!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 9, 2007

Stick that in your Pipe and Smoke it

What bad can you say about this series? Great starting pitching, the defense was near flawless, the bats were red hot and the Cardinal fans had nothing to cheer about. 20 runs to their 2, no errors to their 4. Not a bad way to start the season against the defending champs, eh?

The most calming thing about this series was how great Glavine, El Duque and Johnny Maine looked brilliant. A close second has to be the play of Beltran. Almost every preview I read this off-season predicted Beltran would not produce as well as 2006. While those predications still may come to fruition, but if this series is any indication of what’s in store, Met fans may see Beltran’s true potential. Mantle, Mays, Snyder and Beltran? Maybe I’m jumping the gun but I still get giddy thinking of Carlos gunning down Eckstein in the opener.

Lets face it, the first series of the season is nothing compared to last season’s heartbreaker in the NLCS, but it’s better than a called three strike. Let the healing begin.

If you are scoring at home or even if you’re alone, that’s:
Glavine 6 IP 1 ER
El Duque 7 IP 1 ER
Maine 7 IP 0 ER

For those of you who get the luxury of the Mets broadcast, consider your self lucky. MLB TV subscribers were subjugated to the Cardinal broadcast. I think they fell asleep after Reyes’s homerun. Way to stay professional fellas, don’t bother with that pesky play by play analysis or any of that new fangled replay viewers might want to watch. I cant wait the Mets get back to Shea and I can here Gary, Keith and Ron again.

On to Atlanta, maybe some more painful memories of seasons past can be vanquished.

We’re coming for you, Larry!

I watched the previews of The Team, the Time, The 2006 Mets. From what was on the previews it looks to not only recount the teams 2006 season but also chronicle the rather quick return to greatness under the direction of Omar Minaya. Even for those of you that still aren’t quite emotionally ready revisit 2006, this looks like a must own for any Mets fan. Check out the previews or purchase it here or purchase it on amazon.com

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 5, 2007

Brand New Lost Script: Secrets Revealed

Lonestar Mets has come into possession of the script for the trailer detailing the events leading to the end of ABC’s Lost. That’s right, Lonestar Mets has all of the Lost secrets revealed.

Voice over: Next week on Lost: Hands pulling brush off to reveal an 1960 Harley DavidsonHurley: Whoa, dude, a motorcycleSaid: We must fix this bike.Voice over: And you’ll never believe what happens next…Shot of the waves breaking on the surf, cut to look of shock on Sawyer’s faceSawyer: Kate no!

Shot of shark washed up on beach, thrashing in the sand behind a large elevation of sand. Cut to Kate on motorcycle pulling on vintage motorcycle goggles

Saywer: No, don’t jump it!!!

Motorcycle engine revs, motorcycle shoots forward.

Cut to black…

On a night with no Mets baseball I chose to watch a show that I have come to regret watching, ABC’s Lost (click here to watch episodes for free.) I am thoroughly convinced that the writers of this show have no idea what the answers are to the “mysteries” they created and are merely writing throwaway episodes in the hopes of supporting the show for another season. Honestly this series should have limited the tedious flashbacks and presented itself in a miniseries format. After watching April, 4’s episode I am convinced that this show has officially Jumped the Shark.

For those of you who have suffered through this painfully drug out series, a few thoughts:

  • Does it bother anyone else that the mysteries would be revealed with follow up questions posed after vague and ambiguous answers from characters?
  • After escaping the black cloud by activating the mysterious fence when Juliet revealed she had the key to the handcuffs all along, did anyone else assume they would make out? (maybe I’ve been watching too much Lesbian Porn)
  • What was the point of this week’s Left Behind episode or last week’s Expose episode? Those were the biggest throw away’s I have ever seen. Note to lost writers: when you are creating these story lines, it might be helpful to advance the plot is some form; it makes it so much interesting for the viewer.

I think the only thing this show has left to attract viewers is Evangeline Lilly. She makes the show sizzle, but there is no more steak left.

I’m out on this, at least it’s baseball season again.

Time to go and put the hurt on Atlanta!

Let’s Go Mets!



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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 5, 2007

The Party’s Over

The Mets bested the Cards last night finally ending St. Louis’s victory party. Glavine looked sharp, though I doubt we see him go seven plus much this season. Joe Smith, the most generic named Met looked impressive, and should be able to mature at the major league level.

The best play, in my opinion, was the deadly accurate throw by Carlos Beltran to nail David Eckstein at the plate while Tony LaRussa tugged on his flask and sang his songs. Also impressive was the double play to end the inning when St. Louis had em full. I did the same fist pump as Valentin.


Wagner looked rusty and ineffective and I’m not really sure why Willie felt the need to bring him in the game when Heilman barely had time to work up a sweat. Alou seemed spry, though I think it’s a safe bet to imagine Endy gets as many starts in left. The guy is a great hitter and can help protect Wright better than Uncle Cliff, but he just doesn’t look that durable.

I was watching the game at Fox and Hound so I didn’t get to hear Joe “the Beating” Morgan and Jon “the Human Asswhip” Miller worship the Cardinals which I can assume was achieved with extreme prejudice.

So here we are again; first place, the best record in baseball if only for one day. With no Mets baseball tonight, NCAA tourney action, a copy of The Good Shepherd to preview and Need for Speed: Carbon for PS3 I guess I have plenty to do, but I can’t wait for Wednesday.

Let’s Go Mets

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on April 2, 2007