Reason # 1,248 that I love New York Baseball, Shea Stadium and my fellow Mets fans

During his pinch hit appearance in last night’s loss to the New York Mets fans, soon to be home run king Barry Bonds was greeted by the Shea faithful with a boisterous chant of:

You Did Steroids!


You Did Steroids!


You Did Steroids!


You Did Steroids!


Shear greatness. Barry you may be the new homerun king by seasons end, unseating the classiness of the great Hank Aaron, just remember that the sentiments of Shea Stadium will forever be your legacy.

You Did Steroids!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 30, 2007

Have Some More Sloppy Baseball

-We played it extra sloppy for ya’s. I know how yous fans like em sloppy! (laughing hysterically)

-Baseball team, you’re scaring us!

Despite El Duque’s impressive start, tonight’s win against the Marlins got ugly in a hurry.

I guess I can accept Gary and Keith’s explanation that the team got in late last night after a maddening game against the hated Braves. Well not accept, completely. Since when has David Wright not run out every ball off his bat. Delgado not running full bore? Beltran lobbing a throw after falling down, allowing a triple to the catcher? Is that even the same team that shaves their heads and battles for every base and run? I don’t think so.

Of course, the other team played just as poorly. Honestly the Mets should have lost that game.

Then there is the Danny Frisella-esque performance of Aaron Heilman.

I have to agree with Keith’s assessment of trying to slide around a catcher completely blocking the baseline. You hit him hard. Though Mex’s characterization of today’s game as “country club baseball” was a little overboard. Especially while evaluating a 21 year old rookie prospect who is only in the majors due to an injury to a starter. I really have no idea what Hernandez thought was “Macho” stuff during Gomez’s first at bat. Durring the off season in Florida, I wonder if Keith yells at kids to get off his lawn.

It’s nice to get out of there with a win, but boy was it ugly. Not exactly a fundamentals clinic. The one thing about Willie Randolph, he isn’t the type of skipper to stand to sloppy play.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 25, 2007

Mets 3 Braves 0

Now that is more like it, a great win after two horrid losses.

A couple quick hits:

Perez looked great tonight, Ollie struck out the side in the fourth, and seemed to gain momentum as the game went on. It’s still a little early judge, but Ollie is making a great case for Mets staff ace.

Jose looks to have wandered into a little funk. Fortunately Paulie Ballgame, Delgado and David Wright seem to found their stroke. Moving a power hitter down in the lineup seems to work for Willie. I remember Piazza coming out of a slump when Willie moved him down. While moving Delgado down is a good thing, Willie is just plain stubborn with Wright’s spot in the lineup. It seems Willie would rather forfeit than to let Wright hit in the three hole.

Joe Smith has officially earned his spot in the pen, highlighting his outing by striking out Larry Jones. Suck it Chomper!

Wagner looked fantastic, despite giving up a hit to Jared Saltedsnakeskinmoccasins (is it me or do the Braves lead the league in stupid last names: Satkakanacchia, Francoeur, Langerhans, Chipper? Anyway…) Billy not only grabbed his 11 save in 11 tries, he was deceptive and showed great command of his pitches. Lonestar Mets has received unofficial reports that even Toasty Joe smirked, raised one eyebrow and mumbled, “mmm, great” after watching Billy’s ninth.
Roster questions

Carlos Gomez is the real deal. This kid is so much fun to watch. With all respect to Shawn Green and David Newhan, Willie needs to find some playing time for Gomez after El Duque and Alou rejoin the club. I really don’t know who to send down at this point, Sosa has certainly earned a spot on the big club despite last night’s outing. I would venture a guess that Vargas will go back down upon El Duque’s return and Gomez will stay up as long as Alou is sidelined.

More of a quandary is the second base controversy after Jose Valentin returns from the DL. You hate to send Stache to New Orleans, yet Easley has been a major contributor to the 07 team while Ruben Gotay is the likely future second bagger for the Mets. Judging by Willie’s loyalty to his veterans, look for Gotay on Bourbon Street once Stache is healthy.

Ollie and the boys guaranteed the Mets leave Atlanta in command of the NL East, the slumping bats are warming and tomorrow is Smoltz vs. Glavine.

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 24, 2007

Atlanta 8 Mets 1

Tonight’s game was soooo 1998. That was like flash back hell. Ugly baseball. Forgive me if I don’t do a recap.

To be honest, I had a feeling Sosa would lay an egg tonight, he has been so dominant over his first four starts you know it had to happen. God, I hate Atlanta. This team has fought back and scrapped for every run all season but I knew we had lost after the terrible call on LoDuca at second in the fifth. Kelly Johnson obviously didn’t get the force, just dropped the freaking ball.

If I had to sum up my mood tonight, I would let my dog, the Mets fanatic, German Shepherd do it for me:

OK, that isn’t really Nancy (though it looks just like her), but we both feel that way and if Mets feel the same way will rip Atlanta apart in the next two games.

I am going to keep it short for reasons that should be all too obvious to anyone who watched, listened or read a box score. I wanted to spread the word about a Mets related Novel coming out soon. It’s Called Knuckleball from Hell. You can have a look at a video trailer here and read a sample chapter here.

From what I have seen this looks like a very interesting book. I am currently reviewing this piece and will be posting a full review in the near future, stay tuned.

God, I hate the Braves

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 23, 2007

Sweet Lou Pinapple

I think I should start this post by apologizing to Willie Randolph. After watching that game, I regret being too hard on some of Willie’s in-game strategy. After watching that game, I thank God the Mets hired Willie instead of  Lou Piniella, granted the decision wasn’t exclusively their decision.

  • Lou pulled his starter with a two run lead when Jason Marquis was no where near 100 pitches.
  • Piniella, left himself one reliever other than his closer in a tie game, leaving himself no left-handed option in a game that was still in regulation play
  • Lou walked Endy Chavez and Carlos Beltran after Reyes hit a two out single and stole second base to load the bases. Speedster Jose Reyes didn’t need an ounce of  his 4.3 speed to score the winning run tonight, Lou just let him trot home.

After the Mets basically handed the Cubs a win, Lou handed it right back. I don’t think any Cubs fan can place any blame on Michael Wuertz after surrendering a game losing walk to Carlos Delgado after a tough 10 pitch at bat. They should find some way to take the L away from Wuertz and Give to Piniella. Thanks a bunch Lou!

Great to see David step it up and make this comeback happen. Going the other way has been the key to getting out of his funk.

Ron Darling, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez were all together tonight for this one and I know the boys get a little giggley at times but just two notes:

Was it just me or did it seem like Gary, Ron and Keith kept snickering at the name Rocky Cherry like third graders?

Did the boys seem to be thinly disguising there laughing at the Cubs game management?

Maybe I’m wrong.

I purposely did not check the score to watch this thing on MLB TV archive and it is 2:30 in the morning, so I am keeping this post brief. See you to morrow.

One more thing…

First place, baby!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 15, 2007

Next Generation Outfield: version 1.5

Water covers three quarters of the earth’s surface; Endy, Beltran and Gomez cover the rest.

The New York Mets opted to let Gomez make his debut at home for the Sunday crowd, and he took the opportunity to show Mets fans what they have to look forward to: the next generation of New York’s outfield. As most fans know, the organization has penciled in some combination of Carlos Gomez, Lastings Milledge, Carlos Beltran and Freddy Martinez to roam the soon to be sodded, Citi Field.

And let’s not write off Endy Chavez. Chavez, whose gritty and hustle style play has endeared him to the fan base. Endy could likely play an everyday corner outfield spot on many big league organizations. If Omar Minaya can find some way to keep Endy Chavez as the fourth outfielder for a few more seasons, it would be money well spent. Chavez is the best fourth outfielder in the game.

Gomez treated the Mets fans by getting his first big league hit with a double down the leftfield line, going 2-4 with a stolen base and a gem of a diving catch in right. Gomez, who’s stay will likely be merely a cup of coffee as he was brought up to take Mike Pelfrey’s slot on the 25 man roster, will almost certainly be sent down before Pelfrey’s rotation spot against the Cubs on Thursday to make room for, I assume, will be Jason Vargas.

And that’s not even the big story.

Ollie Perez surrendered only two hits in eight and a third innings, one of them being a solo homerun to blow his shut out bid. I watched Willie send Perez out in the ninth to try to collect a Met no hitter (since I am no convinced the Mets will never have a true no hitter, a one hit shutout is the equivalent, ergo, a Met no hitter) thinking complete game might be a bit greedy. Perez looked outstanding working through some trouble spots and uncharacteristically righting himself rather than melting down. If Perez can find away to repeat today’s performance and John Maine continues to excel utilizing the upstairs fastball, the Mets may have their core of starting pitching for years to come.

Perez’s great start is assuring with no clear timetable for the return of Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez and Pedro Martinez and less importantly Dave Williams. If Vargas can make the step to starting pitcher, the Henry Owens/ Matt Lindstrom trade is critical. If Vargas isn’t ready to take the next step and Pelfrey needs more starts in AAA, the Mets will be hard pressed to find another starter. Willie Randolph may be forced to use Aaron Sele in the role of starter.

The issue with Moises Alou is troubling. According to Marty Noble, Alou will be unavailable to start or pinch hit until the upcoming series with the Yankees at the earliest due to an injured quadriceps. If Alou just needs a few days rest, I have no problem with the Mets roster management, however this franchise has shown a downright unwillingness to place players on the disabled list. I really see Alou’s season will mirror Cliff Floyd’s 2006 season and Alou will have many injury stints this season.

Perez’s great control, coupled with a few stolen bases here and there, some outstanding outfield play, more surprising contributions from Damian Easley and a long ball from Beltran off the foul pole in right, if it weren’t for the solo shot from Hall the Mets might have had their first perfect game (as perfect as it gets in these parts.)

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 13, 2007


Let me preface this; I lost power due to a thunderstorm after the fourth inning and didn’t get it back until the middle of the seventh inning, so I missed a chunk of this game. If I missed something noteworthy, I apologize.

Back to back to back doubles to start the game from Wright and Reyes, and Beltran. First off, I’ve been waiting to see that ever since Willie has been giving Wright the two hole slot. Great combination of speed and some power and it sets the table for Beltran. Secondly, the calling card of the ‘06 Mets was to score runs in the first and hold on to it. I would love to see that more.

From what I saw, Tommy looked solid, picking up his victory 294, despite giving up a solo shot to the Sultan of Surly.

Is it me or do the fans in San Francisco make noise just for the sake of making noise? It happens during random times in games. Are they just happy to be there? Weird, man. “You’re all Winners!”
I was talking with a friend who, like me, works during most games and ends up watching the games after they are concluded. MLB has set up a link for people like me and my friend that is a portal to MLB TV, but doesn’t give you the score. It merely shows you the days games with an “L” for live game that brings you to the game in progress, an “S” meaning coming soon while the game is being prepared and an “A” for archive. If you wait until the game is archived, it will not show you the linescore, unless you push “show linescore.” The only drawback is you have to push “Go to Today” each day. You can go to the portal here

For some damn reason, the Mets decided to shave their heads. No, that isn’t some obscure baseball analogy, they all decided the cult look was the way to go. Pelfrey and Green’s hair was kinda annoying anyway. Paul LoDuca was quoted as saying “Pelfrey looks like Sinead O’Connor.” Rey Sanchez, however, was unavailable for comment.

Is he from the future?

Johnny Maine throws tomorrow, hopefully staying hot after his magnificent start of ‘07 against Matt Morris. Better sign off before I lose power again, see you for tomorrow’s rubber match.

Let’s go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 8, 2007

12 in a Row in Zona

Endy gave me a scare trying to rob that homerun in the eighth. The replay clearly showed that the ball was kept in play by Endy’s glove. If that stupid looking kid with the bowl cut didn’t try and catch the ball in a popcorn bucket, Gary Darling likely would have got the call right. Bring a glove or bare hand the baseball kid, popcorn buckets and stupid haircuts are no way go through life or catch a baseball, son.

Carlos Delgado’s night off was taken full advantage of by Julio Franco, hitting a two run homerun to give the Mets a three run lead. Is there anywhere on the planet the Mets look better at than that ballpark in the desert?

Jose is is hot, I mean damn hot, if he were any hotter he would burst into flames. I wonder if this is just a hot streak or if Jose has begun his plan to single-handedly revolutionize baseball. There is an article in this months Sports Illustrated. It is a piece on Hanley Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes. SI buried the lead here; while Rollins and Ramirez are very good players, none have the game changing ability or event the flair and excitement of Reyes. Barring injury, Reyes should prove to be head and shoulders above those two by years end and cement himself as one of the premier superstars in all of sports.

On the last game quick hit, John Maine looked great again today striking out eight. I think that Anna Benson and her sack of baseballs can stop talking now. This guy just keeps getting hitters out.

In my last post I referred to the Arizona Diamonbacks broadcast team as the worst announcers in baseball. Well during tonight’s telecast Daron Sutton and Matt Williams did something that I didn’t believe. In the bottom of the fifth inning they were babbling about Randy Johnson when one of them said to the other, “ya know when Abner Doubleday invented baseball, he wanted the pitchers to throw underhand because baseball is an offensive game.”

Carlos Quinton then popped up to end the fifth inning and I sat there puzzled wondering if they were trying to be funny or they really thought Abner Doubleday “invented baseball.” When they retuned to the telecast from between innings they started saying things like “when Doubleday invented the game, they didn’t have Sports Center. When Doubleday invented baseball they played in suits.” then when the inning was concluded they said, “Julio Franco used to play with Abner Doubleday.

For those of you who don’t know your baseball history, it is pretty widely accepted that Doubleday was erroneously credited with inventing the game. None of Doubleday’s letters or papers ever even mention baseball. The year Doubleday allegedly invented baseball he was a cadet at West Point, not living in Cooperstown New York and his family had moved from Cooperstown they year before.

Endy gave me a scare trying to rob that homerun in the eighth. The replay clearly showed that the ball was kept in play by Endy’s glove. If that stupid looking kid with the bowl cut didn’t try and catch the ball in a popcorn bucket, Gary Darling likely would have got the call right. Bring a glove or bare hand the baseball kid, popcorn buckets are no way to catch a baseball.

The Mets look to make it 13 in a row over the D-backs tomorrow pitting rag armed crappy pitcher veteran right-hander Jorge Sosa against Brandon Webb. If the Mets need to win this game at the plate, they sure are in the right place to do it.

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 4, 2007