Disappointed, Frustrated and…Ashamed

In my entire life, I’ve been a Mets fan and I think I can safely say, this is definitely one of the low points of fandom this organization has seen in my lifetime. The fact that this team let a 7 game lead slip away in September is nauseating. Some may point to 1998 and I say hogwash, in 98 we weren’t supposed to even be there, though certainly disappointing and frustrating it indicated a bright future that lay ahead. The Vince Coleman affair made me ashamed, but I never felt a connection to Coleman. At the end of game six of the 1999 NLCS, I was certainly disappointed but not ashamed. The 1999 team fought with every fiber of their being to get as far as they got.

Now? Pathetic. A team who is so talented, as they will gladly tell you, couldn’t answer the bell with their leader, staff ace and one of the man credited, and deservedly so, as the reason for their turn around. It goes much deeper than that of course, these past weeks have been a foreshadowing of things to come. We as a fan base that prides itself on always believing refused to see it coming. Now its here. This team doesn’t have the heart to answer the bell. In reading the above article from the New York Observer, I couldn’t help but think, “how can you not care, when I care so damn much?”

If you like, hold out hope for this season, I would like to, but I cant. This team has been complacent with it’s complacency for so long, I don’t think they have a battle left in them. I actually spent the better part of an hour pricing airline tickets to see if maybe I could come to Shea and will this team in the playoffs. I found an affordable, or as affordable as airline tickets to New York can be, and when I went to make sure there were Mets tickets available, the site told me it was “down for maintanence.” Well it looks likes the Mets are too. This is certainly one of the dips in franchises long and dubious history.

Tied for first, three to go. I don’t think they have it in them. I hope they prove me wrong. I’m going to keep watching though, tied for first place is still first place, at least there’s hope. 

I am still going to hold out hope. What else is a Mets fan supposed to do. I hope the players realize they are about to let down a loyal and rabid fan base that never says die. We have very long memories. I keep reading the great Dana Brand’s genius, that I believe defines all real Mets fans:

This is what has hooked us. This is what we long for. This is why, however much we hate them at times, we love to love this team. However good the Yankees become, they never tempt us. We are stubborn and resolute. We are millions. We
are Mets fans.

Tied for first, three to go. I don’t think they have it in them. I hope they prove me wrong.

Wake Up Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 28, 2007

T-minus 60 Minutes

Dear Baseball Gods/Santa/Hanukah Harry,

With an hour before game time, I send this urgent plea for your help. Pedro Martinez takes the hill tonight in his most important game in a Mets uniform. Please help our default staff ace, tonight. Help Pedro go complete and keep Mota, Sosa, and even Billy a nice evening of ass cramps from sitting in the bullpen.

I’ve been a good fan. I live far away from Shea, but I watch every game, I wear my Mets colors whenever possible. I buy all my team’s crap with about 40% of my total salary. I try not to take pleasure in other teams fans suffering. I’ve never sworn an allegiance to any other team, through all the bad times and all the horrific times, I’ve stuck by this team that breaks my heart time and time again. I was crushed in 1988, a heartbreak amplified in the terrible years to come. In 99 I believed in the dream and felt elation again at rooting for an exciting team, only to have that elation snuffed out by Kenny Rogers in the other game six. I knew it was over after that 99 NLCS for the Mets for a long time to come. I stuck through the end of Bobby’s era, through the Art Howe light up the room era. I was patient, well as patient as one could expect. Sure last year’s loss to the Cardinals in the NLCS hurt, but that hurt faded at the thought of this year’s season that started out so full of hope and now looks so utterly bleak.

I’m a good fan, I don’t ask for much-well I never get much. Please give Pedro the strength to be quick and effective, keep his pitch count low and grant him extra control. Please give our boys the ability to find it again for the last of the regular season, they can figure the rest out for themselves in the playoffs. Not just for me but my fellow fans, the ones cheering tonight for hope, the ones huddled next to a radio, in front of a TV or computer. The faithless, the cowards and the bandwagoners are long gone now. Be kind to Mets fans.

Thank you, Amen, Play Ball,

Lonestar Mets

P.S. Give us this and I promise to never ask for a no-hitter again.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 27, 2007

Are You Kidding Me

Why is this so hard? I mean, sure any team can beat any other team on any given night, that’s why you have to play the games. But honestly, could we try to hold the worst offense in the NL to, I don’t know, under 30 runs over three games?

I knew it might be bad, I didn’t know it was going to be this bad. Has the entire bullpen contracted Mono? After the last few games, I really doubt this teams ability to qualify for post season play.

I don’t want to harp on strategy or Thursday morning Manage here, but Willie should have gone to El Duque earlier; match up be damned. Sure he would have gotten torched by the media if it backfired, but how could Duque have been any worse than we’ve seen lately? I really hope I wasn’t right back in July.
It’s time to drink heavily and watch the 1999, cheap ass Mets season video, Amazin Again. Can we at least see if Dennis Cook, Turk Wendell and Octavio Dotel are available?

From here on out, the Mets have to look at this like a four game season, forget this god-awful series and play out the last four, hope the starting staff can go deep, get the pen as much rest as possible and hope the offense throws up double digits. However, as great of a pitcher as Pedro is, I don’t seeing Petey go complete.

Let’s hope it all feels better in the Morning…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 26, 2007

The Best of Times

Times are tough all over and nothing seems to come easy any more…

What a difference a year makes, on the field, in the standings and in the hearts and minds of Met fans. A fan based spoiled by a dream season, only to wake up to find out that 2006 was the exception, not the rule. We fell in love with a team whose bloop hits seemed to find a way to fall and those bloopers from the opponents found dependable Met gloves. One season made us all forget the heartbreaks of all those coulda, woulda, shoulda seasons that defined us as Mets fans. The final painful moment of our star centerfielder jelly legged to a nightmarish curveball was dismissed and a pained fan base pushed it aside and expected another dream season, full of joy and exuberance, devoid of risk or fear.

The never say die, madding hot Phillies have provided orange and blue faithful with a much needed wake up call. The Mets, while still holding the edge in the NL East, are in a last week of the season street fight with a foe they had ample opportunities to bury weeks ago. So now here we are, forced to do it the hard way. Well not the hard way, we need to win five games out of our less six to insure an NL East crown against the cellar-dwellers of our division. Last year it would be too easy; this year: well…yeah…not so much…

It was suggested to me that I should just relax, not worry about it. To quote this well meaning adviser “if it happens it happens, don’t worry about it.” I started to think about that. How easy it must be for casual fans, able to watch the Mets without a personal stake in the outcome. I don’t remember not being emotionally invested in the Mets. Not doing so is to cheapen the experience of being a Mets fan, to think of the Mets as them, not us.

Baseball season is much like growing up in life. Every year a season starts full of hope, everyone has a shot and all in is good in the world. Everybody has an equal shot at the dream. One by one, teams fans come to terms with reality, that the dream isn’t going to come true, Santa isn’t real (or Hanukkah Harry for Jewish readers), except for that one team, for whom Santa is real, Rover really went to go live on that farm, and the really hot redheaded girl in school has a crush on them. I’ve only experienced that once; I was eight and ever since, I’ve wanted to feel that euphoria again.

But the Mets have some work to do first, the magic number is 5, we have six games left and we have a lot of nerve-racking baseball yet to play. I disdain the que sera, sera attitude of what will be will be; I choose to put myself in the proverbial foxhole. Where there are no baseball-God atheists in proverbial baseball foxholes, because, to paraphrase Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch, this is when they need me.

2006 is long gone, a pleasant vacation form the everyday life of a Mets fan. For a Mets fan, it’s supposed to be hard. Nothing comes easy. We wait until we’re down by two with two outs of an elimination game to make our move. I’ve read several authors that have grumbled that they aren’t in love with this team as they were last year’s version. I submit that these are the real Mets, love em or leave em. Think back to all the years we would kill to be in striking distance in late September and enjoy this season and it’s promising and terrifying last week.

I don’t begrudge you the option to wait and see of course. If you are faint of heart, pregnant, not of legal drinking age or suicidal, by all means wait and see, but your missing out. Those that are with me to the bitter end or glorious climax, hang on, win or lose, we’re in for a ride.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 25, 2007

I don’t want to go on the cart!



Bring out your dead! Heartbreak.  


Bring out your dead!


Bring out your dead!


Bring out.your dead!


Bring out your dead!


BASEBALL GOD #1: Here’s one.  

BASEBALL GOD #2: Heartbreak.

LONESTAR MET: I’m not dead!


BASEBALL GOD #1: Nothing. Here’s your Heartbreak.

LONESTAR MET: They’re not dead!

BASEBALL GOD #2: ‘Ere. He says they’re not dead!

BASEBALL GOD #1: Yes, they are.

LONESTAR MET: There not!

BASEBALL GOD #2: They aren’t?

BASEBALL GOD #1: Well, they will be soon. They’re very ill.

LONESTAR MET: The bullpen is getting better!

BASEBALL GOD #1: No, they’re not. They’ll all be stone dead in a moment.

BASEBALL GOD #2: Oh, I can’t take him like that. It’s against regulations.

LONESTAR MET: I don’t want to go on the cart!

BASEBALL GOD #1: Oh, don’t be such a baby.

BASEBALL GOD #2: I can’t take him.

LONESTAR MET: They’ll be fine!

BASEBALL GOD #1: Well, do us a favor.

BASEBALL GOD #2: I can’t.

BASEBALL GOD #1: Well, can you hang around a couple of games? It won’t be long.

BASEBALL GOD #2: No, I’ve got to go to Boston. They’ve lost nine today.

BASEBALL GOD #1: Well, when’s your next round?

BASEBALL GOD #2: Thursday.

LONESTAR MET: I think I’ll Perez will go complete.

BASEBALL GOD #1: You’re not fooling anyone, you know. Look. Isn’t there something you can do?

LONESTAR MET: [singing] Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jo-.


[Hits LONESTAR MET in the head with a Louisville Slugger]  

BASEBALL GOD #1: Ah, thanks very much.  

BASEBALL GOD #2: Not at all. See you on Thursday.

BASEBALL GOD #1: Right. All right.



[clap clap clap, roar, men in red and white appear]


BASEBALL GOD #1: Who’s that, then?  

BASEBALL GOD #2: I dunno. Must be the NL East Champs.


BASEBALL GOD #2: They haven’t got shit all over them.

We’re not dead yet, but I’m not sure how alive we are…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 21, 2007

Half and Half

Good lord this is excruciating. Watching the division lead slip away is almost too much. Right now there is a battle raging in my head. Two sides, let me introduce you to the Rational side and the emotional Mets fan side:

Rational Side: I agree with Willie in juggling the rotation. I really don’t want to go through a post season without Pedro and El Duque.


Rational Side: They are a solid team, they can turn it on when they need it.

Emotional Mets Fan side:

Rational Side: Willie’s a winner, he knows what he’s doing.


Rational Side:
Guillermo Mota Sucks!

Emotional Mets Fan side:
Guillermo Mota Sucks!



Rational side: Are they going to do this to me again?


Rational Side: I hate baseball!

Emotional Side: I LOVE BASEBALL!

I think both sides have come to an agreement, we still believe, we have to. Face it, if they didn’t, they would have both been long gone by now.

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 19, 2007

The ReplaceMET Killers

I know, cheesy title, what do you want?

I’m not sure how the second sweep of the Mets at the hands of the Phillies bodes for the Mets. The first sweep served as something of a wakeup call, spurring the Mets to their best stretch of the season. This time, who knows what happens now. With a steady diet of Fish and Nats’ games slated to finish the season (with one plate of redbird for variety), the Mets should be able to fend off the Phils and secure their second straight NL East title.

Should the Mets secure the title while simultaneously taking a two week batting practice session to gear up for the playoffs, so be it. This weekends sweep of the Mets makes it more likely that a clinching game occur at Shea, possibly even against the Cards. The NL East title isn’t a lock quite yet, but three and a half games back with the leader up against the East’s celler-dwellers, probably isn’t the ideal place for a team with its sights set on the division. Those Cheesesteak eaters are focused on the Wild Card. Going to sleep last night, the rather disturbing thought crossed my mind: What if they get it?

Lets go Padres!

P.S. Mota sucks!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on September 17, 2007