A-Rod is the New Manny

Sorry for the breif hiatus. I needed to take some time away from baseball. I did watch the playoffs (half-heartedly sighing repeatedly) and took time away from righting. Unlike Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez, who encase you’ve been trapped in a well for the past 48 hours, will opt out of his contract with the Yankees and test the free agent market.

Here we go folks, we have about two weeks to debate and discuss the fate of A-Rod. This will be as annoying as the ‘Manny to the Mets’ talk with even a smaller chance of ever happening. David Wright to play first? Will Delgado catch? I remember the last time we moved one of our All Stars to first and that worked out great right? Of course David says he’d move. If you didn’t know with 100 percent faith that David would say that before he said it, well you really haven’t been paying attention for the past few year.

If the Mets paid A-Rod the 2.5 billion dollar salary over the next 15 years, there is zero chance of ever getting Santana next season. I would rather have over spent on Zito than bringing A-Rod to Shea. Look for Omar to focus on bringing in a left-handed outfielder to replace Green and Lastings and Endy to play when Alou gets hurt, though I think Willie will held at gunpoint if anyone expects him to start Milledge on a regular basis.. The only moves I really see Omar making here is in the bullpen, likely adding a starter to replace Glavine, LoDuca to be resigned (I’m convinced that’s the right move looking at what else is out there. The big moves and the flurry of names coming out of the winter meetings will involve the bullpen. Look for Omar to kick the tires on this year’s crop of Japanese imports.

The only thing crazier than A-Rod displacing Wright to first was this rant from long time Red Sox fan regarding where the MVP might end up, Gammons started his sour-grapes analysis:

I don’t think there’s any question that the Angels, I think the Rangers will be a player, could be Giants could be but I don’t think A-Rod would want to play in that ball park.

The Rangers? Are you kidding, Pete? A-Rod left such a bad taste in Rangers fans mouths that he still gets heavily booed in Arlington. Not to mention the blame for the Ranger’s poor performance was laid at A-Rod’s feet by Ranger management after being named team captain by the team about a week before he was dealt to the Yankees. All Rodriguez did was win another MVP award in Texas. File this under ‘never going to happen, ever, ever.’ Hicks will spend the money to bring Torri Hunter to the Ballpark as the Rangers have the shortstop position covered by a pretty solid infielder in Michael Young. Tom Hicks isn’t my favorite owner, but he isn’t crazy enough outbid himself to give record setting ten year deal to Alex Rodriguez…I mean again.

I often watch the last game of the World Series, not really for a sense of closure with the season or anything like that but rather to simply say goodbye to baseball for a few months. My wife, who missed the early 90’s Mets fan experience is as heartbroken as I am over the way this season ended has refused to watch an inning of playoff baseball, walked into the room Sunday night as the Sox were putting on the finishing touches. I asked her if she wanted to say goodbye to baseball for 2007. She answered, “at least I get you back for a few months.”

Isnt that cute? As if simply not having any games on the schedule would actually stop me from obsessing over Mets Baseball. I love the hot stove.

Mets in 08, baby!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 29, 2007

Fred and Jeff’s To-do List

Without delving into this year’s free agent market (we have more than enough time for that) I thought I would address some changes Fred and Jeff Wilpon should make for the upcoming 2008 season and serve the dual purpose of keep out of Omar’s hair. We have one of the Best GM’s in baseball (I don’t care what you say about the Bannister trade) and the last thing he needs is to be micromanaged regarding personnel in a crucial off-season. Since a medaling owner(s) is essentially franchise poison, here are five things, besides signing checks, the Wilpons need to address this winter.

Find a New Business to Take Care of: I will be the first to admit, I caught myself humming the BTO tune through September and part of October of 2006. This year, I felt it was bad taste and cheapened the 06 season (after Mota already put it on sale). Now I can’t stand the song. Pick a new one, any one, the Star Spangled Banner, Happy Birthday, Old McDonald, whatever, I don’t care, just find a new one.

Throw out the Trash: Get rid of that god-awful coffee cup in the Visitor’s bullpen. You’re a Major League Club in the Baseball Market of all baseball markets. Stop acting like the Toledo Mud Hens. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Cheater be Gone: I want a World Series Crown for the Mets just about as I want anything in this world; but I don’t want the Mets to cheat to get it. The Mets sent a disturbing signal when they resigned Mota after he tested positive for a banned substance. Now we have allegations that Schoeneweis may have been caught possessing them. It’s time the Mets make a clear and loud signal that banned substances will not be tolerated by this club. And by the way, WTF? Two juicers in two seasons? Who are we the mid 90’s Texas Rangers? I may want a championship; I don’t want a tainted one.

Pick a Uniform. I think the Black unis need to be auctioned off to benefit some worthy charity only to be worn again on some throwback day. Face it, it was a revenue stream discovered by the White Sox in the early 90’s. Not a bad idea from a business standpoint. Instead of one official hat sell three. I hate the black, nothing good happens in the black. The black and blue caps are just plain ugly. Blue hats with the pinstripes at home, grays on the road. Stick with what works fellas:

  • Blue Hats: 2 World Championships
  • Blue Hats/Black Hats/Blue and Black Hats: 0 World Championships

Dump Caroline from our City: Why do we sing Sweet Caroline at a baseball game? My theory is that Theo Epstein bet Brian Cashman that he could get fans in other cities to sing Neil Diamond for no apparent reason. It’s a good a guess as any. Let the Red Sox have there nonsensical traditions, at least pick your own song to sing for no apparent reason. No, the new song can’t be Taking Care of Business.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 4, 2007

Moving On

Mike: How did you get over it? I mean, how long did it take?

Rob: Sometimes it still hurts. You know how it is man, it’s like you wake up everyday and it hurts a little bit less, and you wake up one day and it doesn’t hurt at all. And the funny thing is that, this is kinda weird, but it’s like, it’s like, you almost miss that pain.

Mike: You miss the pain?

Rob: Yea, for the same reason you miss (them). Because you lived with it for so long.

I think we are all coming back to earth over the way the season ended. I feel alot like Mike in Swingers, sitting around my appartment, drinking orange juice and feeling sorry for myself. When I can get my mind off of the Mets one of the worst things about the season ending so quickly and unexpectedly is the sudden loss of what we are used to, and what most of us expected.

Now that it has been ripped away, one of the most depressing aftershocks is your mind, out of force of habit, planning your night around a game that isn’t scheduled. It’s almost eerie. The “oh yeah, there is no game tonight” feeling.

Now that we have the whole Willie thing out of the way, there are all those crazy trade rumors. First off, I can say with confidence that Jose Reyes isn’t going anywhere. Not for Santana, not for A-Rod, whatever. I am confident our boy stays put. Reyes did have a terrible second half, no doubt. Why on earth would you trade him when his value is down? Regardless of what talk radio thinks, Omar isn’t an idiot.

I’ve been pondering over the last few days about what went wrong. As much as I would love to blame Mota for the whole thing, I can’t. A few thoughts:


One of the keys to our demise in September was Reyes’ lack of production. I write this not to place the blame on Reyes, rather to illustrate how vital he is to the Mets offense. It’s been said that Reyes is the spark plug of the Mets, and in September the Mets clearly stalled. It’s been said before that as goes Reyes, so go the Mets. Well take a look at Jose’s second half numbers and pretend you don’t know what happened in the latter part of 2007. That statement could never be more true.


I don’t know what cause the slump, whether depression, home issues, partial insanity caused by constantly hearing the name “Rickey Henderson” or just a plain old prolonged slump. Make no mistake, Reyes will be back.


I think the second thing that was key to the Mets collapse was the absence of Steve Trachsel. I won’t argue with anyone who didn’t want to resign Steve in Queens after his heartless NLCS but before that happened, think how consistent Trax was. Granted he was consistently mediocre, but at least he was consistent. I think his absence clearly taxed the pen, a taxation that bankrupted them by the last 25 games. The Mets need to look for an innings chewer in 2008, especially if Perez continues his erratic starts, and Pedro will likely never stay in a game past 100 pitches. Yes, I am actually typing this; the Mets need a Trachsel like player in 2008. It’s not sexy, but we can’t tax the pen so much in 08.


I can’t believe that about Schoeneweis, pathetic…



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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 3, 2007

Early Offseason Reactions Around the Blogosphere

One of my new off-season features will be Ed Goss, who lives in New York and has been covering the glitterati for the past few years, but now in retirement focuses on Baseball among other sports. The following is a transcript of my interview.

Lonestar Mets: So, with the disappointing end of the Mets season, what kind of Mets and sports related Gossip do you have for my readers this week? What have you found going on in the Big Apple?

Ed Goss: Well the Waldorf Astoria is certainly is the place to be seen if you’re a visiting celebrity, but what if you’re a celebrity who lives in town? The renowned hotel caters to the every whim of our own bloggers, including Greg Prince’s late night demand for a Keith Hernandez sized bag of cocaine. Greg partied the night away with some lovely Latin beauties dancing franticly and putting on impromptu feats of strength, but the night came to an abrupt halt when Greg seized up, clutched his heart and toppled into the pool. His floating Mercury Mets hat alerted the lifeguard on duty that half of Faith and Fear rested somewhere on the concrete bottom

LM: Now come on, Greg doesn’t party like that…

EG: Patrons at the candle room watched Metsblog’s Matt Cerrone and Metstradamus dance the night away, sweating profusely and twirling glow sticks to the thumping beat of house music. Matt left in a huff however, as Metstradamus’s dilated eyes stayed transfixed all night on the thrusting pelvis of NYJer Please’s Ryan Dragoon who just happened to be in the club that night.

LM: What? This sounds so made up…its ridiculous…

EG: Well, well, well who was seen shopping at an upscale boutique in midtown; none other than Can’t Stop the Bleeding’s Jason Cohen. Shoppers say he was looking for a gold plated keyboard to type his magic on and shoppers did their best to keep Jason away from the nearby perfume counter where Deadspin’s Will Leitch was seen shopping for feminine fragrances.

LM: Well those two really aren’t on good terms, I guess…

EG: On Wednesday, a crying, clearly distraught Marty Noble was seen leaving his office wearing an ill-fitting pair of Mossimo Jeans and mesh muscle shirt. Friends say the Mets erratic play and elimination from the playoffs has prompted Marty to put on 40 pounds since September and reportedly the bearded bombshell was seen ripping through a sundry shop’s Little Debbie display in under four minutes.

LM: That’s an odd occurrence

EG: On Tuesday morning a laughing, clearly inebriated John Delcos was seen riding a Coney Island thrill ride sharing a car with a boyishly grinning Omar Minaya. Fretting security guards stood nearby in the all but deserted amusement park, as Omar and John fed each other hotdogs near the concession stand and ignored the pleas for discretion during the more overt displays of affection.

LM: That is just plain weird…

EG: The hottest Mets-o-sphere couple is without a doubt Toasty Joe and his new bride. You can bet your website’s traffic that Joe knows how to take care of his lady. The recently wed couple were spotted walking the Toasty’s horse in Central Park when a panhandler made an offhand comment about Joe’s Mets shirt. Joe did a double back flip and assumed a jujitsu fighting pose. The panhandler advanced and Joe unleashed a flurry of karate chops and bicycle kicks leaving the bum disoriented. Joe then scurried up the chain link backstop of the baseball diamond and pounced on the bum’s back collapsing him on an abandoned card table.

LM: Why would Joe be so violent?

EG: Finally, Mike Steffanos saved the day for one local broadcaster. Gary Cohen was seen walking aimlessly through SoHo wheeling an IV tree filled with methadone bags. When the IV tree took a spill on the rough pavement. Who came out of the shadows to ride it; none other than Mike‘s Mets himself. This caught the attention of Dave from Mets Lifers and the two men adjourned to Mo Pitkin’s for a steak and Champaign dinner.

NOTE: The tag on this post is clearly humorous and it should be obvious to the reader by the second paragraph that none of this really happened. It’s all lies; but they’re entertaining lies. And in the end isn’t that the real truth? The answer is no. All of the writer’s mentioned are my favorites, daily must reads and the best around, Just thought I would have fun with a few names and in the meantime get a few laughs to take our minds off the agonizing end to 2007. I apologize if any of the aforementioned writers were offended in anyway.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 2, 2007

I’m Sor…um, I Appolg…Just…Here, Read this…

Remember when you were a kid and you wronged someone and didn’t want to say you were sorry, but a parent made you apologize? Well here this the message sent via email is from the New York Mets to me moments ago:

Dear Mets Fan:

All of us at the Mets are bitterly disappointed in failing to achieve our collective goal of building upon last year’s success. We did not meet our organization’s expectations — or yours. Everyone at Shea feels the same range of emotions as you — our loyal fans — and we know we have let you down. We wanted to thank you for your record-breaking support of our team this year.

Equally important, Ownership will continue its commitment in providing the resources necessary to field a championship team. Omar will be meeting with Ownership shortly to present his plan on addressing our shortcomings so that we can achieve our goal of winning championships in 2008 and beyond.

You deserve better results.

There you have it, folks, that is the closest you will get to an I’m sorry. I am a little surprised. That was the last thing I expected them to do.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 1, 2007

All Over Again

“I hit it again because that shot was a defining moment, and when a defining moment comes along you define the moment or the moment defines you.”

To paraphrase Cheech Martin, 2007 was a defining season alright, and the definition was Shit.

Well here we are, left under whelmed, disgusted and questions with answers we don’t want to hear the answers to. What happened between strike three of the 2006 NCLS and April first in Saint Louis that made what seemed so right go so…not wrong, just un-right?

I don’t have those answers to give. I wish I did. This is a strange feeling, at the end of a soft-fought season. I have learned how to deal with the feelings of October 20 1999. Back then I was heartbroken and proud at the same time. Feeling proud to have been steadfast in believing a team that was 2 games out with three to play really had not only a chance to force a one game playoff, but win the whole damn thing.

Now? Now I find myself searching for what to feel or positive things to take away from 2007 and the only thought that keeps coming to mind is, “the 2007 Mets wasted my time.” Not that I am complaining mind you. I more than willingly volunteered to spend three hours or so on 162 days involving myself in the season of the New York Mets. What did it get me except heartache? What do I have to show for it? Runner up to a team that came on late and took advantage of a clumsy giant. I guess this year’s slogan should have been “your season already came last year.”

I think back to the first time the Mets broke my heart; 1988, the second time, 1999, and the pain from last season’s game 7. 1988 I was eleven so really that doesn’t really count here except the pain was severe. In 1999 and last year I kept wishing for one more inning, one more at bat, put Beltran up there again with the bases loaded and I know things would be different. This year, the irrational part of my brain wishes we played a 159 game season. Maybe that defines this years Mets, a team waiting for a coronation rather than hungry to win a division.

I think there is enough blame to go around on every player’s part. The question we’ve all been asking ourselves, whether we admitted it to ourselves, was what happened between now and then to change the team. Were Cliff Floyd and Steve Trachsel really the lynch pin that drove the team in 06? Maybe they were, though I don’t think that explains away the season. I think Willie’s attitude should have been different. I will stipulate that if Willie would have panicked, the New York media would have smelled the blood in the water, thus magnifying every little error. I think Willie should have spent more time trying to convince this team they aren’t as good as they think instead of issuing cocky statements about always being a winner and not stipulating the Mets might not win their division. I think every fan would like to know, “how sweet is the champaign now, Will?”

I know this will be a tough few weeks for all Mets fans whether we want to admit it or not. I don’t know if I will even watch playoff baseball this year. Every time I think about it, I feel sick to my stomach. I hope this year’s Mets feel worse.

But I doubt it…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on October 1, 2007