The Mets Land Santana

Ladies and Gentlemen, We got him!

Well almost, we’ll know for sure some time in the next 48 to 72 hours, a window in which the Mets have to secure the two-time Cy Young winner to a long term extension. The window is realistically 24-48 hours as Santana will need to take a physical and the deal needs to be in Selig’s office for approval by 72 hours. Expect this to get done quickly; and quickly is a fortunate aspect for the Mets as there’s less time for Fred and Jeff Wilpon to get nervous about spending 150 million on and pitcher and order Omar to try and get Santana on the cheep, thus queering the deal (See: Guerrero, Vlad) granted that was an regime in past days. Just give him whatever he wants, “150 Million over 7 years? Deal, sign here and we’ll schedule the press conference.”

It’s a great time to be a Mets fan and the first time Mets fans can honestly smile and think “The Mets won” since that horrible last Sunday of September. I was pretty sure that whole “close to a deal” story with Livan Hernandez was a smoke screen to push Minnesota towards the table. And forgive me; I’m not sold on the Lastings for Church and Schneider deal quite yet, up until now, this off-season has tediously been boring, that is until now.

What still is uncertain (to me anyway) is to why the Mets gave up on Lastings Milledge so soon. The club had to think Lastings was a better fit development-wise to transition into an everyday outfielder role behind Endy than Gomez would have been at this point of their careers. I speculated Church was brought in as a chip to pry Santana loose from Minnesota along with the prospects sent, are they expecting Freddy Martinez to debut this year? I really don’t see Church as our full time rightfielder for the duration of this season. Of course I didn’t see Shawn Green in that role either and Church is a defensive upgrade over Green. Did any of this seem like a preemptive move based on what the Mitchell Report contained and not wanting to resign an aging juicer, thus being forced to deal Lastings for a punch and Judy catcher like Schneider? Did that sentence last a little too long? In 2008’s weak market for catchers, I guess I can live with it. LoDuca’s surgery will sideline him for a few months which serves the Nats right for stealing Jesus Flores. I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore and I’m really getting off topic. Water under the bridge.

How this all went down is starting to become apparent. In part it was Yankee Brass’ predicable overreaction after the Yankees playoff ouster, and the desire to rely on younger players. That should last about a week into the season before Hank and Hal order Cashman to go overpay for “seasoned veterans.” Over in Boston, I don’t think they had a big enough need to add on another 150 million in payroll when their rotation, even with an aging Schilling is still solid. Boston likely desired only to keep the Yanks away from Santana; likewise the Skanks desire to keep Santana out of Beantown. The Twins had to feel the pressure from Santana after balking at their offer as spring training loomed closer, and found the Mets the only team legitimately willing to make a trade.

This is a day, Mets fans won’t soon forget, the day we acquired the best pitcher in the game through trade or Free agent in team history. I don’t count Frank Viola, Gooden was home grown and so was Seaver, even though technically we stole him from Atlanta. Mike Hampton is disqualified due to an abundance of douchebagginess. You could say David Cone and you have might have a valid argument, but get off my ass and let me enjoy the moment you freaking wet blanket, parade-raining-on-bastard!

I have to give Omar credit for getting this done without giving up Freddy Martinez, an issue I speculated might be a deal breaker. The Twins may be the big losers in this whole sweepstakes for not getting more, but screw them for holding up the Hot Stove for two of the most boring off-season months I can recall in recent memory.

On a bittersweet note, we may feel burned by this trade a few years down the road, but although I though Gomez would be a good player, his ceiling didn’t seem that high, despite his speed. I really never saw much of the other three in the deal, and who knows, they may be the next Drysdales and Koufaxes but they’d probably, with the Mets luck, turn into David West and Eric Hillman.

I have been in a giddy sense of shock since I heard the news of the trade, though nothing is official, the Mets starting rotation just got a lot more formidable. The addition of Santana also opens up the possibility of Mike Pelfrey as the number 5 starter and El Duque to the bullpen. If Duaner Sanchez can regain his 2006 form (and stay out of Taxi cabs) and Juan Padillia can find any utility, the Guillermo-Mota-free-Mets look to be a much better team in 2008. I’m not too concerned about first base, Delgado should have a better season, and if Alou can stay healthy and give us 120 games, I’ll take 42 games out of Endy in Left.

Possibly one of the best things to come out of this trade is that the Mets have a dominate elite lefty in case they, oh I don’t know, find them selves in a must-win situation and need their starter to NOT completely shit the bed and give up seven runs, not even getting out of the first. Yeah I’m talking to you Tom “I really belong in Atlanta” Glavine, you freaking scallywag, have fun in Atlanta with your stupid Braves; we don’t need you and your mediocre 200 innings anyway. (Boy that feels good) The Mets are coming for the division this year.

I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face and repeating the phrase, “holy shit, we freaking got him” over and over to strangers all day. At the start of this off-season I’ve been tempering my optimism for this to happen, drying to avoid the disappointment of another superstar pitcher that got away (see: Oswalt, Roy; Zito, Barry) or the embarrassment of being used as a pawn to drive up the price on Boston or the other New York team. Not this year, partly because of the predicable overreaction after the Yankees playoff ouster, and wanting to rely on the young guys. That should last about a week into the season before Hank and Hal order Cashman to go overpay for a “seasoned veteran.”

I haven’t been this excited about Mets baseball since October 18, 2006!

Hell Yeah! 

(Sorry for the rambling post)

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 29, 2008

Breaking News

Ladies and Gentlemen…We Got Him!

KTCK 1310 The Ticket in Dallas is reporting the Mets sent four players in exchange, more details to come…

UPDATE 3:52 CST The New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports:

The package the Mets are going to surrender is Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber. The Twins had initially told the Mets that there would be no trade without Reyes being included.

UPDATE 3:57 CST The USA Today reports the deal is complete

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 29, 2008

Told Ya So

As per usual, Lonestar Mets brought you news before it happened. From the Daily News:

A report in the Rocky Mountain News said the Mets were close to signing Hernandez, but club sources say nothing is close to being done. They say Hernandez and Kyle Lohse have been in the mix for weeks as signees should the club need a veteran starter.

For the moment, however, one baseball person who has spoken to Omar Minaya recently came away with the impression that the Mets GM is still very hopeful about acquiring Santana.

That’s right, Lonestar Mets can smell a lie like a fart in a car*. In related news, it seems the Twins make make a Santana deal within the next ten days. Don’t rush out and buy your Livan Hernandez jerseys quite yet.


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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 28, 2008

Livan to the Mets?

According to a report Friday in the Rocky Mountain News, the Mets are “close” to a deal for free-agent starter Livan Hernandez, who could provide a boost for their rotation.

[Lonestar Mets reading about the upcoming Giants Superbowl]

Omar: We are close to signing Livan Hernandez.

[Lonestar Mets reads a piece on Eli Manning and Joe Namath]

Omar: Sir!

Lonestar Mets: What?

Omar: I’m close to signing Livan Hernandez; do you think he’s any good?

Lonestar Mets: I don’t watch Diamondback games.

Omar: Well have you heard anything about him?

Lonestar Mets: No.

Omar: You’ve never heard anyone say anything about this pitcher?

Lonestar Mets: I find it’s best to stay out of other teams affairs.

Omar: [Shuffles his scouting reports] What about this free agent right-handed starter?

Lonestar Mets: [Doesn’t look up] He sucks.

Omar: It’s the same pitcher; you’re not even paying attention!

Lonestar Mets: No, I wasn’t.

Omar: I don’t think your Manager Willie would appreciate…

Lonestar Mets: I don’t appreciate your ruse, sir.

Omar: My what?

Lonestar Mets: Your ruse; Your cunning attempt to trick me.

Omar: I only pointed out that you weren’t paying any attention to what I’m doing.

Lonestar Mets: I hope it feels good.

Omar: You hope what feels good?

Lonestar Mets: I hope it feels so good to be right. There is nothing more exhilarating than signing old pitchers with major shortcomings, is there?

Omar: [Threatening tone] This is the last time you’ll hear rumors that I’m going to sign Livan Hernandez!

Lonestar Mets: They will be missed.

Omar: Screw you!

Lonestar Mets: Screw me?

I went ahead and re-punctuated the relevant part of the story and italicized for effect:

According to a “report” Friday in the Rocky Mountain “News“, the Mets are “close” to a “deal” for free-agent “starter” Livan Hernandez, who could provide a “boost” for their “rotation.”

Tired of waiting on the Twins to make a move on Santana? Why not dust off that long time rumored chestnut of the half-brother of our current disabled list resident in order to force the Twins into action. Why not? It’s believable isn’t it? How many times have we seen Livan Hernandez rumored to be on a short list to bolster pitching? And since when is the Rocky Mountain News an authority on breaking Mets news?

Course it is. Ya think if I leave that story under my pillow at night, the Rocky Mountan News Rumor Fairy might come by and leave a quarter? The point is, how do you know the Rocky Mountain News Fairy isn’t a crazy glue sniffer? “Build model airplanes” says the little fairy, but we’re not buying it. Next thing you know, there’s money missing off the dresser and your daughter’s knocked up, I seen it a hundred times. Hey, if you want me to take a dump on a page and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for right now, for your sake, for your daughter’s sake, ya might wanna think about acquiring a quality pitcher.

Threats won’t work; the Twins could live without those five prospects (or four prospects and Ryan Church depending on who’s handicapping at the moment) rumored to be in the deal. The Mets are sure as hell not going to throw in Wright or Reyes to sweeten the deal. They can’t afford to take on anybody else; they cost too much. What would expedite the Twins trade of Santana? Maybe only having two teams in a bidding war instead of three. The Red Sox and Yankees have honed the art of not getting played off each other until the sum of the parts leaving Beantown or the Big Apple far exceeds the sum of the returning player.

My gut tells me that this is a ploy, we’ll sure see in the next few days but I doubt this works.  

God this year’s Hot Stove season sucks!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 25, 2008

A Blogging Tip from Lonestar Mets

If you ever write a throw away joke on your website involving Gerald McGraney you WILL get hate email. Some lady put a curse on me and every sports team I like. If you believe in the curse of Major Dad, bet all you have on the Patriots to win the Superbowl.

No Cheese hats. Sorry but Packer fans are a unique mix between annoying and fanatical with a touch of stupid; kind of like Gerald McRaney, except in a bad way.

I really thought that was a harmless (and stupid) throw away joke involving a B rate celebrity people barely remember. I wasn’t aware he had factions of zealous followers. Apparently I was mistaken:

What is your problem with GERALD MCRANEY??
Here’s hoping your precious team doesn’t win!!
Or, you could take what you said about GM back and I will take away the curse.

Wow, sorry it was just a joke. I would never intentionally offend the Apostle Gerald McRaney or any of his disciples so sayeth Johnston Green, so say we all.

I can’t figure out if she cursed the Giants since that is my team or the Patriots I predicted they win in a landslide. Adjust your wagers accordingly.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 23, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

The Giants are in the Super Bowl?

Even more of a shock is the line hovering around two touchdowns, which may be attributed to their last Meeting in Giants Stadium. I wouldn’t put too much weight on that game. If you want to take anything from that game, it should be that Down-Syndrome face has zero clock management skills letting 40 seconds run off the clock because he couldn’t get a play off in the two minute offense.

DISCLAIMER: Let me be honest and state my allegiance right off the bat, lest I be called a Patriot/Packer/Cowboy/any-other-team-worth-a-damn-fan. I am a life long NY Giants fan who has put my fandom on pending the ouster of the lesser Manning and Tom Coughlin’s agitated dog routine from the Meadowlands. Now that they are both going to the Superbowl it appears there abdication of big blue will be delayed for at least four years, maybe more. For various reasons, I dislike both of those people. To this day I maintain that Jim Fassel and Kerry Collins are much better than Coughlin and Eli.

In terms of general viewing, a Pats-Cowboys or Pats-Packers would have been a much better game. Here is a list of things that we can appreciate from a Giants-Patriots Superbowl:

After two quarters of Eli Manning close-up shots, come halftime Tom Petty will look like an attractive man. And really won’t it be a nice change of pace to watch Petty perform and think “this is the ugliest man around, oh wait, I forgot about that number 10 guy.”

Whom Jessica Simpson is banging is of no consequence to the outcome of the game, nor is Joe Simpson remotely involved (though if you think about it, Archie Manning is kind of the Joe Simpson of football.)

No Cheese hats. Sorry but Packer fans are a unique mix between annoying and fanatical with a touch of stupid; kind of like Gerald McRaney, except in a bad way.

Wes Welker is a magnificent to watch, period. Since he was a freshman at Texas Tech, Wes has been tremendous. The guy can do anything; kick field goals, catch touchdown passes, return punts, cure cancer, end world hunger, etc. If all the other Patriots were to all get food poisoning and Wes had to take on the Giants single handedly, I say:
Giants 13
Welker 24

100% chance of classic footage of the Parcells era Giants circa 1986-1991. Pepper, LT, Phil, Bavaro, Reasons, Baker, Everson Walls, Hostetler, Harry, Leonard Marshal, maybe a little David Meggett for good measure, will be aired during the broadcast. I don’t care who you root for, that was one of the greatest teams of all time. Maybe even the chance to see big Bill footage before he bleached his hair, grew a fupa, went insane and sold his soul to the devil Jerry Jones.

Dallas is in no way involved.

Tiki Barber’s (and don’t get me wrong, I love Tiki) sour grapes shot at his former coach and former team. I knew that publicity stunt to jumpstart his broadcasting career would come back to bite him in the ass. Plus, he has a twin brother and twins are creepy- unless they are hot chicks. Then twins are a reason for public masturbation.

Here are some reasons to hate a Giants-Patriots match up:

The over under on Manning family commercials is five. Bet the over.

If you think it will take the networks longer than a week to start hyping fake animosity between the Giants and Patriots based on the Yankee-Redsox rivalry. Because we all know, THAT is the single greatest facet sports could ever hope to offer, or hasn’t FOX/ESPN told you that yet?

Booth shots of Archie Manning.

Carlos Mencia

I am hoping for a Superbowl V type result meaning the Giants win and Wes Welkeris the MVP.

Lonestar Mets bold unfortunate predication: 49-10 Patriots.

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Is it Finally Over?

When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. – King of the Swamp Castle

Well dear readers, it’s the time of year again where the dead of winter has set, football season winds down, baseball season still far off on the horizon (not without a big name acquisition) and idiots starved for entertainment seek that ever plummeting lowest common denominator of prime time television.

That’s right, American Idol is back to entertain those who enjoy Brett Ratner movies , those who do their part to save the world by buying a U2 CD or an Iphone and carry their Starbucks coffee cups as a badge of honor all have been waiting for this date. Of course I am talking about the lowest form of human douchery: reality television viewers. The worst offender, the bottom of the barrel, those that make even Amazing Race viewers seem sophisticated and worldly; the American Idol Viewer.

Or have they?

Like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Survivor, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire before it, American Idol may finally be on it’s knees, making it’s last stand before relegation to the PAX network to be aired in between episodes of Matlock and Charlie’s Angels or pressed in to service in the highly coveted Saturday morning, post cartoon, pre-baseball game of the week currently occupied buy non- sequential episodes of Stargate.

Who could have seen this coming? I mean a generic black guy with some obscure claim to fame that overuses the word “dog”, a drunken cougar/former mediocre pop star from the mid 90’s and a condescending English douchebag who wears v-neck sweaters with no undershirt, all passing judgment tomorrow’s stars of behind the music or Playboy centerfolds to be. How could this not last forever?

Of course there are the early episodes with talentless attention whores who humiliate themselves on national television with ridiculous bits for fifteen minutes of fame and maybe an appearance on Regis and Kelly or if they are really special, an appearance on Letterman provided Mario Lopez cancels and Dave can’t fill the segment between the star promoting a movie and musical act by discussing his trip to the Sizzler with Paul.


To be honest, I’ve never watched the show once yet I still know way more than I ever needed to know about the program. I shouldn’t know who Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, William Hung, or Clay Aiken are, my affection to watch NFC football during the winter months I am subjected to 48 promos a quarter where some useless bastard in a rainbow clown wig matching cod piece and a whiffleball bat says something like “I gave up my life for this.” I really wish that was a literal statement because I’d watch that guy’s public execution.

…with the seventh season-premiere of American Idol at an 18.6 rating/27 share from 8-10 p.m. Comparably, that out delivered the second highest rated show of the evening, CBS’ NCIS (10.2/15), by a hefty 82 percent. But year-to-year, American Idol actually dipped by 15 percent from its sixth season-opener on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007 (21.8/31). So, at this point it is safe to say that American Idol has officially peaked.

And though the Fox vehicle is surely dying, the writer’s strike has granted it a stay of execution. Before it’s gone from the short attention span most Americans have, there will be revamped versions to in a vein and feeble attempt to jump ratings (see Who wants to marry a Millionaire?, Who wants to Marry My Dad?) which are underway already (see Singing Bee, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, America’s Got Talent) before Ryan Seacrest finds himself hosting shopping mall openings in Barstow and Open Mic Night at the Ha Ha Hole which will seem almost laudable before finally making his foray into gay porno.

If there is one truism in mainstream entertainment it’s that Americans will love any turd, they just won’t love it very long.


Just ask Paul Hogan.

Sorry for the rant.

And unlike reality television, something that has stood the test of time, baseball, is still officially three months away. The hardcore baseball junkie can only forage for scraps of baseball news like:

Jose Valentin is expected to receive an invitation to camp. I really never accepted Stache as a real Met, I never really looked at him as anything more than a placeholder until the Mets can sign or develop a “real” second baseman. That’s a shame really, since Valentin’s arrival, he’s been a solid contributor, solid performer at the plate and in the field which is impressive more so considering he’s never been played second on a regular basis prior to arriving at Shea.

Coming back from as season ending injury that occurred last April will be no easy task for the veteran switch-hitter, but after watching Stache for the short time he’s been a Met, it would be fool hardy to put it past him.

And like reality television passing for reasonable entertainment, the only other news on the Mets front is a piece by Marty Noble regarding the Mets middle infield. Read it if you want, there’s not much you didn’t know.

And from John Delcos’ blog, comes an eyewitness report that David Wright was booed in Madison Square Garden during tonight’s Knicks Wizards game. Though I think the reason for the poor receptions that the fans came to the cohesive realization they were voluntarily attending a Knicks-Wizards game (wakka, wakka). Probably just a majority of Yankee fans is my guess. Though if it is some harsh sentiment leftover from September 30, I find that as encouraging; though unlikely. Wright has seen the adoration, the recognition, the money and the fame and thus has become the de-facto leader of the club. Winner or lose it’s his team, his accomplishment or his failure. Now get ready for training camp and lets win the division.

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Funny Stuff

Sorry for yet another non-baseball post but I had to share this one. If you don’t read Filmdrunk on a regular basis you are really missing out. I saw this today; this has to be one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. Regarding the Golden Globe Awards:

So who votes on these?  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Yup, foreigners, it figures.  You just know this is some French plot to prove how bad English-language movies are, in order to promote a French film about a woman who never leaves her bedroom but smokes a lot and shows her beaver.  And in doing so shows us the true meaning of passion.

Read the whole post here.

In baseball news the Yanks take time to announce they have no offer on the table for Johan Santana. Great, thanks for the announcement. God this is a boring off-season.
Thirty days until pitchers and catcher, ugh.

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One and DONE

Greetings from sunny Irving, Texas, home of the 13-4 Dallas Cowboys who are the NFC Favorite biggest disappointment the Metroplex area has seen since The Benefactor the Mavericks got eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs by Golden State.

Boo hoo (tee-hee)

Pardon my glee derived from other’s shortcomings. For those of you not familiar with the area perhaps I may enlighten you as to why the Cowboys elimination brings me so much guilty pleasure:

Cowboy Fans = Yankee Fans = Laker Fans

Today is a day I almost called in sick just to listen to the radio all day and Cowboy fans go through the seven stages of grief:

Disbelief: The mighty Romo was bested by the Manning of lesser evils?

Denial: The refs screwed us, man. That last pass wasn’t an interception, it was a Cowboy Touchdown!

Bargaining: Maybe if we admit that Barber is on the juice then we can have the league review the game, best of three??…

Guilt: Maybe we didn’t deserve to win against Carolina, Green Bay, Detroit or Buffalo. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much time whacking off to my Tony Romo Jessica Simpson poster. Karma’s a bitch.

Anger: That damned Jessica Simpson and her fake boobs. If our quarterback had an attention span larger than a fruit fly maybe he could remember the snap count or how to smirk.

Depression: When’s the last time a Dallas team got passed the first round of anything, the 99 Stars? Where’s my Jessica Simpson poster?

Acceptance: I guess the Cowboys are as overrated as Jessica Simpson. I am a bad person for calling myself a fan as much as I am a bad person for spening twelve bucks to see Blonde Ambition.

Christmas came twice for me this year, once on December 25th and again the entire month of January. First Roger now this, what more could I ask for? Maybe a big trade?

The 2007 Dallas Cowboys: One and DONE!

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Here’s Another Rumor…

I found this link via Metsblog regarding the Mets dealing for Johan Santana:

According to people with knowledge of the discussions, the Mets have offered top pitching prospect Deolis Guerra, along with center fielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber.
The Twins like those players. They’ve told the Mets they’d have a done deal if New York would add prized outfield prospect Fernando Martinez.

Now granted, any statement that begins with “According to people with knowledge of the discussions” has as much athority as Brittney’s secret alien love child on the cover of the Weekly World News but it is however…interesting.

Here’s a picture of Santana with some kind of trophy. It looks real important.

The chance to land a pitcher of Santana’s stature may never come around again for another decade, maybe more. It is a heavy price tag to land him, knowing the Mets will have to commit to somewhere around twenty million over the next five to six years. But it is…interesting.

Maybe it’s the lack of off-season moves from the Mets front office making me nastogic for the new arrivals of a gold glove, switch hitting centerfielder or a power hitting firstbasemen, or a short lefty closer or a fiery (roided up) catcher.

Maybe it’s flashbacks to a live armed southpaw who was cruising suddenly losing the strike zone or walking the bases loaded holding a one run lead.

Maybe it’s the lingering memories of an unofficial start of spring training delayed and daily reports of a custom shoe not finding it’s way to Port Saint Lucie to cushion a sore toe.

Maybe it’s an ancient pitcher missing a month due to an ambiguous back problem, sore calf, osteoporosis.

Maybe it’s remembering the dread of a looming fifth day when it would again be Lima Time, or Dave Williams or Lawrence and penciling an “L” over that day on my schedule save for some offensive, 10 run explosion that never seemed to show up.

Maybe it’s remembering a once proud bullpen, carousel-ing out to the mound every day in the middle of the sixth to take the ball. There dominant status shrinking each day until there mere sight causes a feeling of uneasiness in every fan’s psyche. Those tired group of arms patching together outs and innings until somewhere around Labor Day, due to shear exhaustion, they can’t seem to hold a four run lead.

I love Martinez and I’m in love with Carlos Gonzalez speed. I love the idea of Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber. (I just want to be friends with Mike Pelfrey). Those guys could be great. I love prospects; we all love prospects. I loved Alex Ochoa and DJ Dozier. When they were prospects, they were Hall of Famers to be. Every good fan overvalues their prospects.

But you know who needs prospects? The Twins, the A’s, the Devil Rays, the Royals- that’s to whom they are essential. Not a team in the biggest market in the country, with a new stadium under construction. We ARE players in the Santana market because we CAN afford it. And come on, how often do power hitting outfielders with gold glove defense hit the market? Is it two a year now? We can always trade for an outfielder; you can rarely trade for an ace.

The good trades have to hurt. No one makes a trade to get a Cy Young winner and sends back garbage (ok, only Chuck LaMar can get a Cy Young pitcher and send back garbage) and the good ones have to hurt; that’s why they’re good ones.

This deal may not even be for real. It may be yet another rumor in the Santana sweepstakes that’s gone on far to long with little to show for it. Who knows if it’s even real; if Omar has even heard this offer, but if i’m in the room, I say go for it. No one can no for sure. We only know one thing, it is…interesting.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on January 10, 2008