cred·i·ble adjective
1. capable of being believed; believable: a credible statement.
2. worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy: a credible witness.

Remember how most fans scoffed at the allegations made in Jose Canseco’s book Juiced? He really was a prophet of the baseball future telling truths fans didn’t want to hear. I wonder what he’s doing now with his new found credibility…

Jose Canseco says in his new book that he introduced Alex Rodriguez to a steroids distributor and that A-Rod was trying to sleep with Canseco’s wife, according to the web site of freelance writer Joe Lavin, who says he obtained Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball on Monday from a bookstore in Cambridge, Mass. The book is due to be released Tuesday. A-Rod on the claims: “I really, absolutely, have no reaction,” and “I don’t know how to answer that.” Associated Press

That credibility must have really been burning a hole in his pocket; he had it for about a month. I wonder what else he’s got in store…

Canseco is rumored to be already working on a third book entitled Here’s Some More Shit I Just Made up and other Axes I have to Grind in which Canseco recounts introducing Cal Ripken to an ecstasy dealer and Cal’s failed repeated attempts to seduce Canseco’s mailman and the ensuing graphic sexual assault that followed. The book is expected to be released Mid-July in time to try and exploit the All Star Break. –Lonestar Mets

I guess Jose blew all his money from Juiced on hookers and blow and needs loose cash again. Again, Canseco may be a willing dupe of the A-Rod media machine. This comes on the heels of another A-Rod story. Painting A-Rod in a victim role to make him more likable may work based on the fact that nothing else has.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 26, 2008

The Other Game Seven

If you’re just too content with the way your life turned out or if you’re contemplating suicide but lack the perfect motivation, there’s good news. The 1988 Dodgers World Series DVD Collectors set comes out on March 25 on DVD. It contains seven discs that include Game Four of the 1988 NLCS and Game Seven of the 1988 NLCS or as I call it; October 12 1988, “the day that ruined my childhood.”

The mere glimpse at the sets cover, filled me with an instant ache, a repressed memory pushed away by my subconscious only to materialize out of the blue. For an eleven year old Lonestar Met, the 1988 NLCS was Game Seven of 2006 and the last day of 2007 rolled into one excruciating series. I had followed the team all year via the box scores in my local sports paper and watching live on WGN, TBS and the precious times they were a national game. I even ended up down in Houston for a game, catching David Cone pitch in the Astrodome. The Mets looked to win their second World Series of the decade and begin their anticipated National League dynasty.

To this day I’ve never watched one second of film from that series. It still hurts too much. I remember being forced to bed during game six (a school night), after watching the Mets fall behind early and getting nothing going on the board, I left for my bedroom with the Mets trailing six to nothing. I cunningly and subtly switched on my clock radio and found the broadcast, hoping, nay, praying the Mets had one more miracle left over from 1986. Even down to the last out, I stood on my bed, still dressed in my complete Mets outfit, my fingers crossed up against my Mets pennant. Unfortunately, Hershiser was untouchable and there was no two out hit to keep the inning alive, much less anything equivalent to a little roller up along first, and the Mets season was finished.

I think at that moment my baseball heart was crushed. I was still a Mets fan, though not nearly as fanatical. Nothing remained as great as it was on October 12 when the Mets looked to be a dynasty in the making. Instead, the Mets went dormant for the next eleven years, putting lousy teams filled with quick fix free agents and unexciting players until 1999 when, unexpectedly, I would make my peace with the same man that tormented my team eleven years earlier would join the Mets mid season and make one of the most exciting playoff runs imaginable.

I haven’t watched the DVD set, nor do I want to, but since it was one of the most disturbing memories in my young life and it’s seared into my brain, I can review it for you:

Watching the 88 Dodger collectors set accurately and instantly transports you to a feeling like your most detested enemy kills your dog and steals the love of your life while you stand by and helplessly watch. I watched it two weeks ago and haven’t eaten since. Also, Kirk Gibson is a showboating, grandstanding charlatan who got way too lucky and Mike Scioscia is Satan incarnate. If you want to own this DVD set you’re not very smart and you’re probably not a good person.

Put that on the box.

I’ve always wondered why the 1988 NLCS isn’t more of a scrutinized moment in the lexicon of Mets history the way Rogers’ Ball Four, Carlos’s looking KO and even Glavine’s soiling of the mattress are viewed as watershed moments in franchise history. Was it that after 99, the Mets would make the Series the next year? Is it still to painful to recount the 1988 NLCS; the last moment in the sun, an abrupt and unwanted goodbye to the heroes of 86 and a steady and all too rapid decline into a decade of mediocre to pathetic baseball? Is its lack of notoriety stem from being committed against an usual group of villains, ones not clad in pinstripes or wielding tomahawks?

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 25, 2008

Preseason Notes

Eleven Days until Opening Day and we see our boys back on a Major League field facing Major League opponents and the outcomes finally matter.

A couple random Mets topics:

What to expect of Delgado? He won’t be the Delgado of years past. Like many aging players, I predict he would be reminiscent of Mike Piazza in his last years as a Met. A shadow of what he was, but still a rather looming shadow. I would hope Delgado will put up similar numbers as last year, but I expect to see slumps interrupted by commanding blasts reminiscent of what he once was, and an aching reminder to leave us pining for what he no longer is. He’ll win a few games, carry the team on his back in a few but unable to contribute drastically on a daily and consistent basis. Don’t worry, the man on the other infield corner should be ready to shoulder the load.

The Trade that never came. Apparently the imminent and essential trade for a corner outfielder speculated to include everyone from Coco Crisp to Barry Bonds is now neither imminent nor essential.

In case you were wondering, Sidney Ponson’s promising spring results for the Rangers, along with a general lack of common sense, have kept Nelson Cruz in a Rangers uniform. The hard on is over, there’s no outfield help on the way [Editor’s note: I have no idea why I just wrote that.]

The Mets are likely going with some combination of Damian Easley, Endy Chavez, Marlon Anderson and Angel Pagan. Don’t pencil in Pagan as the April and May everyday leftfielder just yet. He is having a promising spring, but on March 31 the minor leaguers go back down and Pagan comes back to earth. Not to mention Willie doesn’t like to play young talent over veteran players, even at gunpoint.

[Editors Note: Anyone who writes the headline “Angel in the Outfield” will be sodomized with a pipe wrench and set on fire. Twice.]

Reserve your Blue and Orange BP Jersey today. We got the All-Star Game in 2013. First of all, I am not ready to let go of Shea just yet to be jazzed about this. Secondly, I put Mets fans in attendance at around 35%. The coolest thing about this will be the All-Star Batting practice jerseys in blue and orange. I’ve already decided to buy one. There’s no way to tell who’ll be representing the Mets five years from now, I just hope the Mets have more than one to choose from.

Behind the Plate. Ramon Castro and Brian Schneider are both experiencing hamstring problems. Doug Mirabelli is available. Sure he hit .202 in 114 at bats last year, but that’s .198 than Mike DeFelice’s lifetime average. There’s Mike Nickeas, remember him? We got him and a broken bat for Victor Diaz. It’s him, Robinson Cancel, Raul Casanova Salomon Mariquez and Gustavo Molina. Since all those names annoy me, I choose Nickeas. That was easy. Mirabelli would be an inexpensive insurance policy and less unproductive than Mike DeFelice.

Good God, I hope Mike Pelfrey is the real deal. I think El Duque’s done. Marty should have called this article they know who did it but they just can’t figure out why.

On an unrelated note, No Country for Old Men was one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past 5 years. If you haven’t seen it, buy it. It’s a modern classic. I bought it, sight unseen, on Blu-Ray (yeah, I’ve got that kind of money) and have already watched it several times. I went to college in West Texas and the accents of the characters made me feel like I was back in the Llano Estacado.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 19, 2008

Texas Smoke Screen

Sorry if this blog has turned into a “bash the Rangers with a Met related angle” lately, but I couldn’t hold off on this one. John Heyman on a deal that almost was with Johan Santana and the Texas Rangers:

Indications are that Texas’ trade discussions with the Twins progressed to the point where there was either agreement or near agreement on the young players going back to Minnesota. At that point, executives involved in the talks believed that the trade was very likely to be consummated if only Santana gave a more enthusiastic response when Twins higher ups quizzed him about whether he’d accept a trade to the Rangers. However, a diplomatic Santana is believed to have told the Twins only that he’d “consider” going to Texas, an answer that was seen as less than enthusiastic.
It was shortly after receiving Santana’s lukewarm response that the Twins stopped pursuing the trade with Texas. People familiar with the talks say they believe Minnesota wanted to avoid agreeing to a trade proposal that could eventually be rejected by Santana, whose full no-trade clause put the power in his hands. Such a scenario could have hurt their leverage in future trade talks.
Word is, Santana actually thought about the Rangers long enough to have quizzed his long-time Twins teammate Torii Hunter, a free agent, about his own intentions. But it appears that when Hunter, a resident of Prosper, Texas, and close friend of Rangers manager Ron Washington, was noncommittal about whether he’d sign with the Rangers (he eventually signed with the Angels), Santana appears to have followed Hunter’s lead.

I’m taking a day off work to attend the “We almost had Santana and Hunter Parade” scheduled in downtown Arlington. Tom Hicks is scheduled to ride the main float posed with his pockets turned out, shrugging his shoulders and sporting a perplexed look on his face.

Tom Hicks also shot and killed Jose Canseco for his role in bringing steroids into the Ranger clubhouse. Hicks didn’t have a gun and Canseco isn’t dead, but Hicks shot him dead just the same. That’s a true story.

Whatever, this is obvious spin out of The Ballpark in Arlington. Every year, the Rangers were hours away from signing or trading for the year’s biggest free agent until some selfish player queered the deal. The Ranger organization never had any intention to put a competitive offer in front of Torii Hunter, let alone trade prospects [read: low-priced talent] and sign Santana to the six to seven year, hundred and fifty-ish million dollar deal required for Santana to waive his no trade clause.

Every year, how do they seem to be in the running, without ever being in the running, for the year’s top free agent? Yet the team that touts its bronze medal in the Zito and Dice K sweepstakes still cries foul over “big market teams” pricing out the poor Rangers? Never mind Dallas Fort Worth is a top five market and the Cowboys and Mavericks seem to have no problem competing for top tier talent. Why the Ranger front office leaks hand-wringing stories of lament like this year after year in a pathetic and feeble attempt to appease an already unreceptive and resentful fan base goes beyond reason. As if Texans sweating out an August day game, watching a last place ball club will take solace that they could have had Santana and Hunter if it wasn’t for those damn Angels and Mets.

Furthermore, the Rangers supposed focus on developing young talent and fortifying the farm system runs counteractive toward trading high ceiling talent in order to sign a high priced free agent and diminishes the organization’s already dismal credibility with both fans and prospective players and trading partners.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 17, 2008

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Alou on the DL, Who’da Thunk It?

Oh, there’s a big surprise. That’s incredible. I think I’m gonna have a heart attack and die of not surprise! – Me, after hearing about Alou’s injury

Alou’s out with an injury until mid-May. Should Alou fall off the toilet and break his hip or strain his oblique playing canasta, he could be out until the All-Star Break or longer. Moises Alou is this year’s Pedro Martinez: He might be back at some point, but don’t count on it. It’s time to find someone else to shoulder the load.

I love Endy Chavez, but he isn’t an everyday corner outfielder. Marlon Anderson and Damien Easley platoon? Yuck. Fernando Martinez might see an August call up, but it will be a cup of coffee, at most a doughnut. The Mets, who have no one in the system to press into immediate service, must look outside the organization.

I would write a long rant about trading a young outfielder with potential for a sub par outfielder who strikes out too much and offensively challenged catcher who’s lucky if he hit his weight, but that would be counterproductive. Instead, let’s see who’s out there…
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Who are These People?

I’ve never heard of half these guys, and the ones I have are way past their primes.
This guy’s dead!
Cross him off then

I realize Spring Training is for the benefit of pitchers and that it is important that younger players get exposure to the organization in general. I am also quite aware that half the team is in casts and walking boots but none of that changes the fact that it’s all really boring. Come on, admit it. You’re not fooling anyone.

Since I haven’t posted today, and since we likely won’t see any of these players this season, maybe not even next season, I thought I would take the opportunity to randomly nickname Friday’s starting lineup:

LF Ezequiel “Tia” Carrera
SS Anderson “Black Powder” Hernandez
CF Angel “Gay-bo” Pagan
DH Olmedo Saenz- He was funny on SNL
C Raul “Sneezey” Casanova
RF Fernando “Buckshot” Martinez
1B Robinson Cancel –Doesn’t he play for the Yankees? I think they made this name up.
3B Dan “Motown” Murphy (every group needs a Motown)
2B Argenis “One-time” Reyes

Scoff now, but in 2010 you’ll be a Citi Field when the PA system booms, “Now batting, number 32, Argenis Reyes” and you’ll yell, “Let’s go One-time!” You can thank me later.

Let’s face it, the big story “Santana in Mets Camp” has grown tired. What this year’s Mets camp needs is a “feel good” story. Like a handicap square dance caller trying to make the team despite only having one leg and being legally color blind. He can’t judge pitches or see the base coach’s signs and has difficulty taking a lead without getting picked off. Also, he can’t field very well but his effort and sheer determination earns him a spot on the opening day roster along with the nickname, “Old Hoppy.” He’d earn the respect of teammates and coaches until, after being five minutes late for a team meeting (the meeting was help upstairs), he gets cut on April 2nd for violating team rules. Endless mocking from opposing teams, for instance “hey, your first baseman only has one leg!” leads the Mets front office realizes how ridiculous it is to carry a player with one leg on a Major League roster. But what a ride it would be!

March 31st can’t get here soon enough…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 7, 2008

This is Terrible

Sorry for this rant but this caught my eye in my hometown paper and it really pissed me off. In case you were wondering what passes for baseball journalism in the Dallas Fort Worth, behold Pete Alfano’s whiney pointless drivel. With all apologies to Fire Joe Morgan (who does this much better and funnier), I couldn’t, in good conscience let this pass with out it’s due mockery…

It’s stale, it’s out of date, its hackneyed, it’s the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I give you Pete Alfano. Don’t let his good looks deceive you folks; he is a testament to inept, over simplistic analysis in baseball “journalism”.

Monday Morning Quarterback
Mets-Yankees fiscal fight may affect everyone

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Rites of Spring

For me the three best days of spring are, in order, the following

Number One: Opening Day- Yeah it’s a bit corny and only one regular season game, but I love opening day. I once stayed up until 4:00 AM in 2000 to watch play the Mets play the Cubs in Japan. Rey Ordonez made an error.

Number Two: Pitchers and Catchers Report to Camp- It’s great to see the guys in uniform after a long winter. I love how David Wright seems to show up in Port St. Lucie around Christmas to play catch with himself until pitchers and Catchers show up. It really is exciting to see the guys in camp…for about five minutes, then it’s a month of exhibition games. Yawn, wake me up for opening day.

Number Three: Video Game Debut Day- This may only apply to my generation so some of you older folks may want to stop reading now. From Micro League Baseball (Seriously, email me if you’ve played that game, I have never met anyone who has) to RBI Baseball, to Bases Loaded, to Triple Play, to MVP Baseball to today’s champ, MLB The Show 2008. (Excuse the cover)

Since I am a big-time internet celebrity, I received MLB the Show 08 early. That and because I am a eagle-eyed and unscrupulous Wal-Mart shopper that talked a confused 90 year old lady that works electronics into selling me the game by convincing her I was the devil offering promises of eternal youth and daily calls from her grandkids. Ok, mostly it’s the latter.

Despite having the second ugliest cover of any video game ever (Roger Clemens Baseball being the first) MLB the Show is the best series out there. If you haven’t purchased a next gen console or haven’t seen what’s new, MLB the Show is greatness. For those of you that haven’t made the leap to PS3 or Xbox 360, rosters are automatically updated so you don’t have to spend hours with a season preview magazine making trades or creating players.

The headset works now, which kind of worries me. I’m pretty sure that it’s a crime to swear at a 14 year old Yankees fan that tried to steal third with two outs. Look for the incitement of a Texas man for 134 counts of using profanity towards a minor.

If you have a Duel shock and I do (jealous?) the vibration works and is the strongest of any game I’ve played to date. Runners in scoring position makes it vibrate slightly, I’m not sure why.

The picture is amazing, in between pitches is fantastic, The Show is just a visually stunning game.

The sound is amazing, if you’re like me and have a surround system hooked up to your PS3 (Hey Girls!) you’ll really appreciate the sound detail. A fouled off pitch behind the plate is echoed in rear speakers.

Mets Gripes

Could they not find a picture of Johan in a Mets hat? I watched the press conference as they gave him his hat and jersey. I’m pretty sure I saw a guy there take a picture. He’s only the best pitcher in the game.

Olmedo Saenz is apparently made the Mets roster and is the team’s DH. Who knew? Maybe they know something we don’t.

The crowd seems to boo lineup slots rather than pitchers. Why would a Shea crowd boo Ryan Howard and not Jimmy Rollins. I don’t see Shea boo birds jeering Lance Berkman and not making a sound for Kaz Matsui.

Mike Pelfrey, Marlon Anderson and Scott Schoenweis are in triple A. Do two wrongs make a right?

Mets Raves

Citi Field is in the background of Shea. I’ll be really impressed if Citi Field’s completion in the game mirrors real life Citi Field.

Pitching with Johan in a Mets uniform. No it has nothing to do with the game, it’s just awesome.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on March 4, 2008