Signs of Life

Is this what we’ve been waiting for or is it a sedistic tease of the winning streak we’ve been waiting on for around a year?

Who knows. I’ll take what I can get these days. That game was the reason I love baseball. The Mets fought hard. Contributions came from everywhere. There was even spectacular defense (I still can’t believe Beltran made that catch) timely hitting and great work from the pen (homerun aside, did Duaner get the filthy back?)

I say this with wishful abandon: Bring on Brad Penny!

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 29, 2008

I Was Watching the Game When…

Tuesday night I was watching the Mets take on the Marlins and the strangest thing happened: I had fun watching the game. It was weird. I wasn’t depressed or upset, just happy to be watching the Mets play.

Reyes and Wright were making sharp plays, Beltran looked sharp in the field. It was almost eerie.

Then something even stranger happened. The Mets had more runs on the board when Santana left the game. Then the bullpen didn’t blow the lead! I even turned off the game after it was over and no one was booing.

I really hope that happens again this year!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 28, 2008

Making a Difference

Sometimes you go through life not knowing what effect your actions have on the lives of others. It is rewarding to know that you make a difference in the world. Back in March, I found this in my local paper. It was possibly the worst written piece of garbage I’ve ever seen in print. You don’t forget the first time you read a Pete Alfano piece; it’s like witnessing a violent death. It just sticks with you. From the bad grammar to the shoddy premise to the factual errors and lack of research; it makes an unforgettable impression of bad humor in the form of referencing semi-current events. Often it is nothing more than a list of things that happened that month or a bitter rant about sports franchises having the gall to make a profit. I made a promise to myself that every time he wrote something even semi-baseball related, I would give him is due ridicule.

After my first piece, the Fort Worth Star Telegram pulled said piece out of the archives. It is still on my site for the public to see. I never knew if Pete read my site or was just blissfully ignorant of my mockery. I am now absolutely certain that Pete is a reader of Lonestar Mets. (Pete, if you would like to comment, I will gladly grant you full commenter status.)

As I side note, I wonder exactly how he came to find the existence of my site because:

A. Pete does not strike me a vain man who would Google “Pete Alfano” to see if anyone reference him or his column
B. As it’s been pointed out on this site several times, Pete hates to do any research of any kind, including typing ‘2008 Luxury Tax team by team’ into a search engine to insure the Mets were indeed over the threshold before writing that they were over the limit.

Since I am fairly certain Pete did not come to find Lonestar Mets on his own, I can assume one of two scenarios occurred.

Scenario One: Employees found this site and began to read it. Pete noticed that anytime he approached a coworker, they closed their browser and Pete noticed several hushed giggles and whispers and glances in his direction. Some anonymous coworker printed out a copy an put it on his desk.

Scenario Two: The publisher found Lonestar Mets and dressed down Pete’s editor to chastising him for the fact he had not been reading his columnist work. The following conversation occurred:

Pete’s Editor: ALFANO, GET IN HERE!
Pete Alfano: You needed to see me boss?
PE: What the hell is this? This is what you’ve been writing? I just got a call from corporate management.
PA: (In sarcastic tone) Pssh, corporate, bastards always trying to make money, capitalist pigs.
PE: Don’t even start that communist rhetoric again, last year you got our summer intern deported. Look at this, Madonna references, that’s like 20 years old!
PA: Yeah, I remember laughing when writing it, funny huh?
PE: You might as well be making Janet Jackson nipple jokes!
PA: (Coyly smiling) Hey, did you read this weeks column?
PE: Just because you make a reference to some pop culture reference when writing about sports does not make it humor. (scrolling down on the screen) Secretary of Sports? what were you thinking? This is supposed to be professional newspaper! You need to start writing in a professional matter, this is your last chance. No more stupid references to pop culture, questions to the reader you don’t answer and tedious lists of things! Now get out of my office!

This week, Pete takes on the issue of firing head coaches or managers and in doing so tackles the issue of racism, perceived or otherwise, and anti-Semitism. Those are some weighty issues for the man who penned “SPORTS LEAGUES, PLEASE GIVE THESE GUYS A BREAK” and tackled the momentous issue of bottled water in baseball. Anyway, this weeks Monday Morning Quarterback isn’t terrible. It does, uncharacteristically, lack random references to current events, an Alfano staple, or hacky attempts at humor.

I normally would let this pass, despite the point of the piece is that coaches sometimes get fired in an effort to appease an aggravated fan base. I may have inspired Pete to try and improve as a writer. Granted, his article is still trite and stale as per usual, but not near as annoying as a typical Alfano piece. I think Pete is trying to bait me, here but it’s worth it.

But worry not Pete, I made a vow back in March and I will honor it now. All appologies to Fire Joe Morgan, blah, blah blah. Here we go…more after the jump Read More…

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 27, 2008

Aaaannnnd that’ll do it.

A four game sweep at the hands of the hated Braves. To say this team is underachieving would be a severe understatement. I’ve been defending Willie all year but something has got to change. I’ve been waiting for this team to snap out of whatever funk has been lingering since September.

I have been under the impression that the Manager has little effect on the field or the outcome of the game. A manger’s bullpen management can win or lose a game; though if Willie would like to put his job on the line with his track record for bullpen management, he shouldn’t bother to get on the plane. The most important role of a major league manager is massaging egos. Randolph cannot simply instruct Reyes to start hitting, or order strikeouts from Oliver Perez. There is too much talent on the 2008 Mets to be this mediocre. Ryan Church has kept the Mets in a division with no clear cut favorite.

Something has to change. Is it all Willie’s fault? Probably not, but it is the easiest change to make. I don’t see it solving all of the teams problems, but is a change.

Honestly, I’m so sick of watching these halfhearted throw away losses night after night, any change would be a welcome one.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 23, 2008

Secretary of Sports

I was going to dive into Willie playing the race card and Iron Mike retiring until I saw this. I’ll get back to the Mets and mediocrity and imaginary racism and a hero’s retirement later. Pete Alfano has spoken.

With all apologies to Fire Joe Morgan (who does this much better and funnier), I couldn’t, in good conscience let this pass with out its due mockery…

Well here we are on a Monday and who else to judge the state of sporting world with anecdotal evidence and poorly thought out pronouncements. I probably could have let this go except for the fact it’s completely arbitrary, unfunny, lacks any direction and I hate people that refer to themselves as “we.” It also has the trademark communist Alfano and as always extra pompous condescension, enjoy:

A Secretary of Sports might not be a bad idea
Star-Telegram Staff Writer
We know there are far greater issues facing the country than what goes on in the sports world, but after a week of routine perusing of the sports news, a question arises about whether the time has come for the next president of the U.S. to consider creating an agency or even cabinet-level position for oversight of sports.

No one- no one thinks that. But at least this isn’t the usual Alfano bitter tripe about sports franchises making money and how government regulation will somehow make the game more enjoyable.

We know that people generally prefer less intrusion from the federal government, but given how sports leagues are usually reluctant to police themselves without some encouragement from lawmakers or law enforcement agencies, maybe a Secretary of Sports is not such a bad idea. This is a billion-dollar business after all,


I swear, this man can’t wrap his head around the idea that SPORTS FRANCHISES ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY. It is not a new idea to ANYONE except Pete.

and while fans have been patient almost to a fault, no one knows when the tipping point will be reached, and stadiums and arenas will start looking like some of those houses in your neighborhood in foreclosure.

Notice the typical Alfano style “joke” in which the only “humor” is a passing reference to some relatively current event?

The Monday Morning Quarterback is being a little dramatic, but sometimes, that’s how you make your point.

Hold on. In case you missed it (I don’t blame you if you did) this is you go about making a slightly dramatic point:

“…no one knows when the tipping point will be reached, and stadiums and arenas will start looking like some of those houses in your neighborhood in foreclosure.” Is how you go about expressing that, “A Secretary of Sports might not be a bad idea”

The public pays big bucks to attend games, and in this economic climate, it deserves more than the kind of headlines we are seeing on an almost daily basis.

So, “stadiums and arenas will start looking like some of those houses in your neighborhood in foreclosure.” Which is why, “A Secretary of Sports might not be a bad idea” so that the public will have the kind of headlines it deserves. Brilliant.

Maybe the President will grant the Secretary of Sports the dual office of Sports Page Headline Czar. Also, I love, LOVE the irony of Pete complaining about something in the newspaper.

How can you get enthused about Big Brown’s bid for the Triple Crown, the Dallas Stars’ attempt to make history in the NHL playoffs or even the rise to respectability of the Texas Rangers without noticing the litany of sordid events that offset the feel-good news?

Pete is one of the guys that never reads a paper or watches the news because “it’s too depressing” which is a perfectly acceptable (though ignorant) assertion provided you don’t WORK FOR A NEWSPAPER.

Start with the U.S. Attorney’s office that wants to subpoena as many as 100 baseball players in the BALCO steroid distribution case, not necessarily to bring charges against the players, but to learn where they got the drugs. Drug testing aside, steroid use is illegal in this country without a valid medical reason. And the desire to hit 40 home runs a season doesn’t qualify as one.

Incredulous outrage at steroid use doesn’t qualify as comedy. Unless your Whoopi Goldberg, then it’s pure talent (Note: That’s a burn). Also: thanks for the year old news story.

An aside: Did you hear that home runs are down significantly this season? Do you really think that’s a coincidence?

Some people watch baseball, the others that wait to “hear” about baseball work for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

So, while we all made fun (the MMQB included) of the Congressional hearings into steroid use, would Major League Baseball and the Players Association have toughened their drug testing program and increased penalties without that “circus” in Washington, D.C.?

Is Pete implying that it was not a kind of a circus?

How to write a Pete Alfano column:
Step 1: Compile a list of things you’ve heard people talking about going back 20 years or so. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DO ANY RESEARCH; FACTS ARE IRRELEVANT
Step 2: Start writing, use as many marginally topical references to mask the fact you aren’t making any sense. (Note: Do not be concerned with a valid or logical argument)

Now, football types are taking digs at Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania because he won’t let go of Roger Goodell’s pants leg.

Now, columnist types are exemplifying bad writing.

The “law and order” commissioner just wants Spygate to go away, saying that fining the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick and taking their first pick in the recent NFL draft was a sufficient penalty.

20 bucks says Pete wrote this durring a re-run of Law and Order.

“What more can I do?” is what Goodell basically said. Well, maybe Specter thinks that the Patriots’ spying over several years represents a pattern of behavior and not just a one-time transgression. Maybe it is apparent that the Patriots would still be spying if the Jets hadn’t blown the whistle on their hated rivals at the start of last season.

Maybe it is apparent = doesn’t make sense

Maybe this rationale that everybody cheats or tries to cheat is not the kind of image that the NFL should aspire to.

Maybe Pete should be the first US Secretary of Sports and bring his short sighted judgment, haughty ideas and hatred of capitalism to the forefront of the sporting world in order to give us the sports headlines we deserve and sculpt the NFL’s image.

But all of this is child’s play compared to the betting scandal that NBA commissioner David Stern is dismissing as an isolated event. The Feds announced at the end of last week that referee Tim Donaghy had gambled on more than 100 games over a three-year period, among them 14 that he officiated. He also passed on tips to big-time gamblers and received a cash bonus when they won. A little something for his trouble.

I picture Pete typing this on his typewriter with a sneer on his face and chortling while rolling his eyes at the end of every sentence. I am positive he said that last sentence out loud as he typed it in an bad Italian accent.

Stern has called Donaghy a “rogue” and says that gambling is not pervasive in the league. This just in: A Las Vegas casino is bringing legal action against Charles Barkley for non-payment of a $400,000 gambling debt. Barkley, who is an NBA studio host on the TNT network, says it was an oversight. He also says that he has been gambling for 20 years, which means he would have started when he was 25 and entering his basketball prime.

Well you actually have a point that might legitimately an investigation, maybe even by the federal government. Bring it home with your conclusion that convinces me that there is a need for a “Secretary of Sports.” Can Pete reach a valid and logical point in one of these god-awful pieces of crap? Bring it all home Pete!

We’re starting to think that maybe all that smoke Josh Howard is blowing is clouding Stern’s judgment.

Or undermine it with a hacky, unfunny and nonsensical snipe at the commissioner rather than reinforce of what I assume was the point of your article: Commissioners don’t have the authority to regulate their respective sports thus the need for a “Secretary of Sports.”

He was so close.

Also, I would like to point out, Pete’s already reusing joke from his Josh Howard comedy series. You remember the last time one of Pete’s columns was on this site:

Apparently there’s another banned substance problem in sports.
And it doesn’t have anything to do with Josh Howard’s admission on Michael Irvin’s radio show that he likes to chill during the off-season by smoking weed. A whimsical thought here: Given Irvin’s brush with drugs over the years, do you think he and Howard may have a future as the new Cheech and Chong?

Hyi-oohhhhh. He isn’t even trying to be unoriginally unfunny anymore. That or he has an extremely limited source of current sporting events. Feel free to drop him a line and ask:

Pete Alfano 817-390-7985

Hacky writing at its best, Pete Alfano

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 21, 2008

The Game is Fun ok, its Fun God-Dammit

It hasn’t been for a while in Mets land. The boo-birds are in season, to the point of near overpopulation in Queens .

Not that this is a piece about the eternal “boo or not to boo” chestnut that makes its way around the papers and the blogosphere. Nor am I the righteous type to condemn those that boo their own team. Boo, don’t boo, whatever. While I’m on the subject, I think its about time to put said argument into the Pete Rose in the hall of fame, Whether to pay college athletes or any other generic worn out argument that’s fodder for every Guy Sports Radio show in America .

What the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah.

I’m actually sick of watching Mets baseball right now. How bizarre is that? I am the guy who, while living in the dorms, used to bribe guys that had cable in their rooms with a case of beer on a Friday night so that I could watch the Mets-Cubs game on WGN while they went out to party and meet hot girls. I stayed up all night on opening day of 2000 to watch the Mets play the Cubs in Japan at 4:30 in the morning because I couldn’t wait for the tape delay later in the day on ESPN. I even once passed on tickets to the 1999 Texas Tech upset of Texas A&M (the Aggies were ranked in the top 10 at the time) in order to watch Rick Reed beat the Pirates just to keep the team’s season mathematically alive- and I LOVE Red Raider football. Not that anyone that’s read this site has to be convinced of my Mets addiction. The point is that its Mets Yankees weekend and my emotions have ranged from dread to merely, “eh.”

I have been trying to figure out why all day after the afternoon crime perpetrated against Mike Pelfrey. I could try and make a list but we all know the problems on the field. It’s not just a shoddy bullpen, or age taking its toll or failure to hit in key situations or bad defensive plays. I’ve lived through a lot of bad Mets baseball teams and I can’t remember ever being as indignant at my team as I am this year.

I’m not annoyed in the sense that I want to watch them lose, I just watch expecting them to lose.

Problem #1
The Bullpen is shoddy and there isn’t much Omar or the front office can do about it now, everything else is as bad or, if its even possible, worse. In baseball today, bullpens are fickle from year to year. The best case senerio is that Duaner keeps building stamina and hopefully come close to his 06 velocity and that Joe Smith can mature at a rapid pace. If and when Pedro and El Duque come back, El Duque might stabilize the pen, but I wouldn’t count on it. Heilman should figure out his demons in mop up time and I never want to see Jorge Sosa again.

Problem #2
On the other side of the coin, the offense has been very suspect. Beltran looked like he was getting hot, Wright started off the year on fire but his bat has cooled. Reyes has shown brief flashes, not much else. The Mets mediocre start would have been catastrophic if Ryan Church wasn’t in the lineup. I could assume Alou will heat up with more work, but I’ve learned a long time ago not to count on anyone over 38 in a Mets uniform. Delgado…never mind, this isn’t as cathartic as I imagined.

You know the problems, if you’re still watching. Problem #2 could actually help the staff out of this funk. If the Mets start jumping to leads early, maybe…I don’t know, some leadoff triples, and give the staff a big lead to work with, the Willie would be able to use his pen for more than an inning and rest those weary bullpen arms. Otherwise…well if you were around last August and September you know what happens.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 15, 2008

Welcome to Reality

Ugly, crap the bed night as the other team jeers your pitcher little league style. Check.

Roster moves and your team responding to the perceived insult. Check

Hielman lets a winnable game get out of hand. Check.

The offense disappears during a brilliant pitching performance. Check.

Have you ever been deeply asleep enjoying a great dream and get awakened suddenly. You’re not fully awake and you try to go back to sleep and finish your dream but it it’s never as good as the original dream. You finally wake up to reality which isn’t as good as the original dream or the lesser one.

2006 was the dream, 2007 was the lesser comparison and 2008 is reality. The Mets are a .500 ball club, at least for right now. They’re one winning streak away from the division lead and one losing streak from falling out of contention. That is what we’re used to as Mets fans; a team on the lip of the cup and a summer of hoping they find a rhythm. The rhythm isn’t there more often than not.

The most difficult thing about this 2008 season is that there should be enough talent here to dominate the division. Granted, a bullpen that gives away three or four runs seemingly every night isn’t contusive to a winning inclination. The Mets kick off inter-league play this weekend against the hated Yankees. If the remarks from last year claiming boredom and complacency from the confidence in knowing they can turn it on when it matters, I say, show us this weekend.


Now I feel better.

And by the way
I recently discovered Mets Police. It’s a great blog, if you haven’t be sure to check it out.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 15, 2008

Top Five John Cusack Movies

I really don’t want to relive last night’s game. Instead, here’s a subject that doesn’t make me angry…

For no reason whatsoever I’ve found myself watching John Cusack movies lately. Despite a rash of bad moves, not unlike Mathew Broderick, I really can’t explain exactly why I like him so much. Something about the man’s ability to play a miserable hero and his tendency to make dark comedies resonates with me. I thought I would make my top five list of Cusack comedies. Note that Eight Men Out as I don’t consider it a true Cusack movie nor is it a comedy. Get it? Ok, here we go:

Better Off Dead

#1 Better off Dead: Sure it’s an 80’s movie and over the top but something can be said for overstated dark humor and this movie still works today. This movie’s gold is in its more subtle humor rather than it’s slapsticky humor. Unwarranted musical scene and unique characters (Mailman, drag racing Asian guys, one who talks like Howard Cosell and a bad guy actually named Roy Stalin.). Rickey Smith’s entrance during the school dance scene is one of the greatest musical entrances and dance routines ever in cinema. I had to buy that guy a new hat last time.

High Fidelity

#2 High Fidelity: I underrated this movie for years. Probably because it featured Jack Black before audiences figured out he lacks the range to play anyone but Jack Black. (Recipe for a Jack Black role: write a scene in which his character can protrude his stomach, stick his chin out, have him point all five of his fingers and palms upward and make awkward spins and contortions singing something like, “Rickiy-ticki-do-rickey-dickey-do. How did that man become a star?) This one is somewhat morbid, dark comedy at its finest. John Cusack talking to the camera the entire film is enough to get over he and Black’s pretentious music aficionado characters. Bonus points for a pre-megastar, pre-Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones as the third love interest Charlie and of course a Bruce Springsteen cameo. Double bonus points for the deflowering of a Cosby kid.

#3 Grosse Point Blank: Minnie Driver before she was annoying and the always funny Alan Arkin as Cusack’s psychiatrist is priceless. One of my favorite all time lines “You can never go home again Oatman, but I guess you can shop there.“ Some priceless banter among characters puts this one at number three. Another one time Cusack roommate Ari Gold appearance. Points deducted for Dan Aykroyd appearance. This one just barely made number three over…

#4 Say Anything: A unconventional teen romantic movie known for the boom box over the head scene is more than the sum of it’s parts. This movie didn’t fit into pedantic ideas of what a romantic comedy is supposed to be. The father was actually a criminal (I never trusted Frasier’s father) and a great ending. Bonus points for Jeremy Piven appearance and naming the lead character Lloyd Dobler.

#5 Sixteen Candles: Not really a Cusack movie but he was in it and I could not in good conscience put One Crazy Summer in the top five, despite it being the vehicle to launch Demi Moore’s singing career. Same with Pushing Tin and America’s Sweethearts for obvious reasons. (Note: I’ve become a puzzled Asian scientist.)

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been very ill (Ebola) and was unable to write the past few games and got too frustrated with Figueroa to post about the game.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 13, 2008

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It’s Only May; In Defense of Willie

NOTE: This Post has not been approved by Buzz Bissinger

I love Tim Marchman. He’s one of the best Mets writers out there. Because I respect him and enjoy his work, I can say that this is knee-jerking overreaction at a Tommy shooting Spider proportion:

It’s time for the Mets to fire Willie Randolph. They should fire him if his team sweeps the Arizona Diamondbacks this weekend. They should fire him if his team wins all three games by a total score of 27-0. They should fire him if his team puts on such a display this weekend that the greater Phoenix area literally burns to the ground around them, lit by nothing but the intensity of their passion and brilliance. The man’s time is up, and nothing can change that.

The Mets first month of play can hardly be deemed as dominant or brilliant. The bullpen has struggled, the bats have run hot cold (mostly cold) and Perez has been the Mr. Hyde version of himself. The defense has made bonehead plays and Delgado is seemingly a shell of his former monster self. But it’s May 2; we’ve played 26 games so far. The Mets are 14-12.

05/02/07: 16-10
05/02/06: 17-9:

IF the Mets sweep this weekend their record will be 17-12.

05/04/07: 18-10
05/04/06: 19-9

I know we’re all used to hot starts (and I love hot starts) but if the Mets were 15-11 at this point would there be a fire Willie Bandwagon? I can understand why this sentiment is out there after last season. I really don’t see what Willie is expected to do to change anything. He’s too old to play. Throwing equipment and losing his cool would come off as disingenuous and insincere at best. I guess he could shake up the lineup some more, but really how much more could it change and what good could come of that? Who else is going to leadoff; hit in the three hole; cleanup.

I hate to be the one to bring this up, but Alou is expected back. I wrote a piece about the folly of relying on a man that played less than 80 games last season; Omar made that decision in the off-season, it’s too late to go back, and now that he’s healthy the Mets will benefit from his limited service until he inevitably goes back on the DL. The way Church has been hitting, Alou coming back to take the five hole will drop Delgado to seventh. Even the staunchest Delgado critics will admit, even in his deteriorated condition, he’s a pretty good seventh hitter.

I have been at the very least a Randolph critic and this is a tired excuse; the Mets got hit by the injury bug early. It’s a tired excuse but not one without merit. Ask yourself, did you know who Raul Casanova or Gustavo Molina were in spring training, aside from the fact that Gustavo was not Yadier’s brother? They’ve filled in admirably but they are replacement players at best. The number two started went out after 3.1 innings. 14-12 is not dreadful.

And who exactly is going to take the reigns if big Willie is shown the door? We have some options, I guess, Gary Carter, maybe? Buck Showalter? Frank Robinson? I don’t think any other manager could hit the ground running.

Don’t get me wrong, Willie’s job is on the line this year. This is Willie’s season to win the World Series. If he doesn’t win the NL; I don’t see the Wilpons keeping him on. Yes, last season was a monumental collapse and if the Mets were going to fire him, they would have done it in November. This is the Willie we know; bizarre moves in situations attributed to his gut feelings; hairs on the back of his neck or intuition. We’ve won with Willie and we’ve loved him for it.

This is Willie’s ship; there’s no one else to man the helm. Come November; that’s a whole other story.

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 2, 2008


West Coast Swing

With the Mets off today, Mets fans are treated to a much needed break of Santana surrendered solo shots and Aaron Hielman appearances deteriorating with each belt-high middle-out pitch. The good news is the Mets are headed to Arizona where even the coldest Met bat historically has at least a 3 for 5 day.

(Thank god for Grand Theft Auto IV. I’ve only put in around 20 hours of game play so far, but this may be the best game ever made, period.)

Alou is scheduled to make his season debut on Friday and should provide some added pop at the plate, not to mention a stronger bat than Ryan Church to protect Beltran. (Note: Offer valid for a limited time). Ok that was a cheesy joke, but if Alou plays the rest of the season without a trip to the DL I’ll wet myself in shock.

After a fall from ahead, come from tied game against Pittsburgh, the 13-1 depressed me. The Mets shouldn’t get beat like that with Perez on the mound, even if it’s schizophrenic Wildman-walk-em-full Perez and even on Getaway day. The rain shortened another series so it’s hard to use the standard “win two of three” metric to judge success. Right now, I’m not sure what to make of this team.

I’m sure the Mets are so tired of hearing about last September or the phrase 7 with 17 to play they’d give half a year salary if they never heard it again. The only way that will start to happen is if the Mets rattle off a 9-1 or 10-2 string of hard fought games to take the lead in the division.

Hard fought games are exactly what lies ahead in the next two series against the Diamondbacks and Dodgers. It’s time to turn it up a notch.

Let’s Go Mets!

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This post was written by Dan in Texas on May 1, 2008