After an eight run inning, the USA beat Team Venezuela 15-6 in Sunday’s World Baseball Classic. The win assured Team USA a spot in the second round of the World Baseball Classic.

The USA will play in Pool C in Miami. The round is scheduled for next weekend but is currently being dismissed with a wanking motion by me.

Honestly, who cares about this crap? The WBC is about as interesting as the daily Chris Brown update. All this is a waste of time for the purpose of, I don’t know…injuring half your pitching staff. Is this even televised on ESPN: the Ocho? I guess this is for foreigners that care about crap like the soccer world cup.

Not to dismiss soccer as the lower tier sport that it is; baseball doesn’t work that way. I love the USA and I love many players from the USA. I also hate many players from the USA. I care more about what team the player plays for. Team loyalty trumps national origin.

I really hope this is the last year of this ill-thought experiment.

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