Three Places You Should Take Your Kid to Train for Baseball Season

If you’re the parent of a child preparing for an upcoming season of baseball, either at the middle school or high school level, you know he can’t afford to spend the winter relaxing on the couch playing video games to his heart’s desire.  Sure, it may be too cold to spend an outrageous amount of time outdoors, but there are plenty of places one can visit to help with training during the off-season.  To get a full baseball training routine into gear and to keep your kid’s motivation up to continue practicing, consider utilizing one or several of the following baseball training locations for off-season practice.

Indoor Batting Cages

It may be frosty outside, but there are plenty of indoor batting cages available to help meet one’s batting practice needs.  For batting practice needs, batting against a pitching machine may not be quite the same as facing off against a living pitcher, but it surely beats not keeping one’s hand-eye coordination in check during these long, cold months.  Furthermore, pitching machines can provide pitches at different velocities and styles, which can help one practice on any weak spots he may have noticed late in the previous season.

The Local Gym

Weak, gangly arms aren’t going to be much of a help come spring training season, and neither will be someone who hasn’t so much as ran half a mile since last practice.  Hitting up the local gym can help with muscle strengthening, endurance training, and aerobic fitness, all three of which are very important to mastering the sport.  If your kid can make it at least a few times a week after school to the gym, his performance results should look better as a consequence.

Play the Field

OK, so it may be brutally cold at some points, but on those slightly warmer, more tolerable days, hitting up the local baseball field isn’t a completely bad idea.  Moving around and playing in a baseball player’s natural habitat will be helpful for keeping one’s skill base relevant to the environment in which one will be playing.  After all, there are only so many times you can swing at ball hurled by a pitching machine in a tight space before it starts to feel less like baseball and more like closet-space-ball.

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